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March 29, 2011

That’s the past tense of “simplicity”….

Yes. Simplicity is a word with only a past tense…I can’t believe that for YEARS I did not have a mobile phone, and did perfectly well without it!

After much rooting around in “my” mobile shop (around the corner!) we found that the Nokia E 63 has fallen in price from X to less than half X, so my nimble-fingered OPS (Old Phone Stealer) has, instead of making me incur an expenditure of Y (it would have been a small “y”, too!)… has made it 8Y…because now I will have to change my mobile service provider plan to include internet.

The good thing is, the E63 has Nokia maps, as well as email and green tonsils and blue tooth and all those et ceteras..and has a qwerty keyboard instead of the detested-by-me “full touch” where I have no idea what key I am typing.

It will no longer fit into my jeans pocket the way the Old Inexpensive phone used to do….and it served me beautifully for so many years too. Bye-bye, old phone…*wipes away a tear for the simple old days”.

I expect to look back at this post when I am ninety, when I will blog that I now have to get the latest brain-implant chip, and wipe away a tear for the good old days…

The death of the MLC….

April 5, 2009

I got a call from the Canon Service Centre yesterday; apparently, after replacing the zoom unit, they found the camera still wouldn’t work, and needed a couple of more (read expensive) things replaced as well. The young woman who called said that the cost would now cross 12K.

Yes, it’s only a material possession, I know. But for the last year and a half, I have truly enjoyed the Canon Powershot S3IS . I got it in June 2007, and took it to Tanzania, where I got many nice videos; I used the supermacro function a lot, and street photography, and low-light photography (which the S3 is NOT supposed to be good for) worked pretty well. My play reviews were so much better when backed up by a photograph!

And…the number of interesting scenes, people, situations, signboards that my MLC has captured for me….it has really given me a lot of joy. I also did get to know the camera, and its capabilities, really well. As I am NOT a gadget person, this, too has been a source of satisfaction to me.

I am thinking about buying a new camera, because I do want that video function to document the usual “I have the best grand-daughter on Planet Earth” baby stuff, but I hope I will document other interesting-to-everyone stuff too.

Should I go in for the Canon SX10, or should I buy another camera? itsalouwelylife and mohanvee recently bought one that I could get used to…but the Canon SX10, at the same price, comes with the CMOS sensor….

Suggestions, please….shivakumar_l, you have already given me some pointers, any more cameras you can suggest?

I am trying not to be miserable about the death of my MLC….but it’s incredible how attached I had become to it…it really did go EVERYWHERE with me….

A good guide to buying a camera….

April 3, 2009

Thank you, cyberscorpion

The “C” part of WBC

March 7, 2009

I am an active proponent of WBC…that is,Walk, Bus,Cycle…and avoid the car! Here’s an email I wrote today to the Bangalore Bikers’ (as in Bicyclers’) Club:

This morning, Nikhil called me up and said that a lady who was my namesake also wanted what I call a “workhorse” (as opposed to “sport”) cycle, and could she talk to me? I said yes, and she came over home. She wants a cycle to do her daily chores on, which is much the same purpose that I cycle for. I showed her my LRT ( TI Ladybird, with uncool basket and rear-view mirror….no fancy bells and whistles.) She rode it around a little. She too, like me, seems to enjoy cycling!

I am fairly sure she’s going to be getting herself a cycle..and I rejoice at the thought of another woman choosing to cycle over driving her car.

I want to share certain inputs that she gave me:

She is a little intimidated by what she calls the “high end” cycle and seemed to be comfortable with me and my LRT mainly because it is such “common-or-garden” variety of bicycle… the usage and the cycle both being non-cool, non-glamourous, and very utiliatirian. I told her that I ride wearing either trousers or salwar kameez. She also felt a little discomfort with “special cycling clothes”.

So I think that when you guys go out to meet people, if I can just come along and tell people that I cycle regularly without necessarily having a glamour quotient attached to it, who knows, maybe more women who feel that they cannnot afford high-end bicycles, will also take to the activity as a regular way of getting about!

The best thing was that she is introducing her daughter to birdwatching as well, so we sat for a couple of hours talking about birds, too! I have asked her to join the birdwatching egroup, too.

So thank you,nikhile , for putting her in touch with me. She left saying that she felt both comfortable and encouraged about buying a cycle…that’s a very hopeful sign!

What’s “Cool”…..

January 27, 2009

This post from sriniram made me wonder….

How many unnecessary purchases are made in the name of “cool”? Surely a lot of branding works on precisely this premise…and all those tele-shopping channels survive on our desires, not our needs…I remember Wodehouse mentioning a “Mouso-Penso” , which was a combination mousetrap-cum-pencil sharpener (Can some Wodehouse fan tell me which story it appeared in? Some Mulliner story, I think.)

We accumulate more and more possessions which rapidly turn into junk…

And on the subject of razors, Gillette has this superfantastic triple-blade razor for some three hundred odd (very odd) rupees…I have been buying something else at Rs.10 each at my kirana store, and that’s just as good….

I cannot believe that expensive always means better…in my experience, it’s actually just the reverse…the cheaper version, without the baggage of “image” and “cool” and “branding” and “marketing”, does the job better. My 7-rupee thimble coffee at Park View is much better than the tepid Rs.30 cappuncino in some Barista or Cafe Coffee Day etc…


January 9, 2007

One thing that fascinates me in a cosumer society is the abdundance, not only of consumer goods, but of adjectives and adverbs.

all that choice kills me…