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The “Water” Buffalo…

April 12, 2011

The Asiatic Wild Buffalo, found is Assam, is the species from which all buffaloes here are descended…or related to. And we had one lovely scene in Assam, when the Wild Buffalo proved how it could easily become the Water Buffalo that we are used to everywhere, in our country!

As we drove past, we saw the buffalo wallowing in the water-hyacinth-choked water:

bflo in water 030411

He then rolled about….

bflo one leg up 030411

It takes quite a bit of feeling secure, for an animal in the wild, to roll up completely, exposing the tender, vulnerable underbelly, but that’s what this animal did:

bflo 4 legs up 030411

And then he looked directly at us from far away, as if to ask, “Did you get all that?”

bflo water front look 030411

Alas, by the time I switched on my video, the water show was over, and he just lay in the water until we left!

Here’s a video of a small herd charging across the jeep path:

Delightful Kaziranga….


Found this in my Gmail drafts…..the Buffalo

March 30, 2008

I like to put things into the drafts folder on both my gmail and Outlook Express…the pickle jar for my ideas and words, I guess…

I found this just now when going through the gmail drafts folder for something else, and here it is, in its glory and halo:

The African or Asian Buffalo
Seems to need,always, in mud, to wallo.
The look on his face
To me, definitely says
That his IQ must be rather shallo.

Which,in turn, prompted this impromptu just now:

Edward Lear
Never fear
That you were laid on your bier…
I am here
Limerick lovers can now shed a tear!

And while on the buffalo:

Out of Ngorongoro and into the Serengeti

August 10, 2007

We left early the next morning (recording yet another superb sunrise that was invisible directly but only reflected in the lake in the crater bed)…

one more caldera lake sunrise

(The oval outline is the lake at the bottom of the crater; the vegetation is actually on an incline that slopes down to the bottom of the caldera. The mauve area is the area of the crater rim across from where I am…it’s lost in mist. I *still* cannot understand how, when the sunrise was not visible it was so brightly reflected in the lake. I am googling about this but have got no results.)

As we left the crater rim, we drove down into the grasslands, and passed a Masai village (the Masai cannot live in the Serengeti where no “human activity” apart from wildlifing is allowed; they live in the NCA.)

Masai Village in the area coming down from the crater rim towards Serengeti

ok, for those of you who are not wildlifers, this is the time to go to the next friend’s entry. Those who are interested…lots of pictures including some with really amazing contents if you click. But make sure you have some time!

Incredible video

May 24, 2007

The thing to do is to think, “I have nothing worth posting”. Immediately, something like this will come along…

It took a loooong time to load on my computer, but I was riveted as I watched…would you say that baby buffalo is incredibly unlucky, or incredibly lucky?