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September 18, 2013

The internet forward which gave me this link mentioned that it was a traditional Indian “punishment” for children…”uthak-baithak” (get up and sit down). But in south India, especially in Tamil Nadu, this is a form of obeisance to the Elephant God, Ganesha. We call it “thOppik-karaNam” (the “karaNam” part, meaning ear, refers to the holding of the ears cross-wise by the opposing hand.)

Certainly worthy trying if it’s going to improve my brain power! I’m starting with 10 every day…taking me back to my childhood!

The Einstein Brain

November 28, 2007

I have been establishing contact with wild_guy, because I like what he has been writing, a lot…. So we exchanged emails, and I got his mobile no. from his email, and called him up…and then asked him to send me an email. A somewhat surprised but polite rejoinder from him.

I am sitting here, looking at his email with a bright-red face. (Well, MY face turns purple, but you get the general idea…)

HOW can I be SOOOO forgetful??? Well…the only reply is, I *can*. I confuse events, people, processes, dates, in fine and utter chaos.

Please…all of you…please understand that I am not scatterbrained, I am probably quarterbrained.

The funny thing is, how I can remember SOME things perfectly well. My neighbour’s car licence plate number (er, this was in 1972 or 1973!) was WBF 8084. My father in law’s telephone number in Pondicherry was 23381. WOE ( ‘What On Earth’…a polite variant of WTF.)….why can I remember such UZLISS bits of information and spend an hour hunting for my house keys, and then leave home without them?

Any of you who have fallen foul of this foul memory of mine…I apologize and apologize once again. Please do try to understand that my middle name is, and probably always has been, Alzheimer….

I even posted This Verse about my memory once. It is not a joke…. as they say in the Orbit Chewing Gum ad, “it is a TRUE!!”

human brain…capable of technology…and terrorism…

June 27, 2005

Spoke to my daughter on Yahoo Messenger…she was speaking to her husband on the telephone….Imagine hearing the voice of someone in Israel through a telephone line to the U S and thence through a net connection to India…incredible technology! Amazing…but not as amazing as the fact that the same human brain which can bring this about also is capable of thoughts of child rape, terrorism and shocking violence….