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Magzinces and Scrapes…

April 15, 2008

Our streets are never M T of humour; signs such as this abound:

magazinces mt waste bottles waste scrape

And of course, if you get into a scrape, this is the place to bring it to!

India has been really excellent at recycling;it’s only now that we are getting into the use-and-throw culture and not being thrifty and wise.

English…has a funny status in our country. Not ours, yet ours; hated as a symbol of oppression by aliens, and yet a great link language, and a gift that has allowed us to make a mark in the world….

The things that bother people….

April 15, 2008

This one’s definitely for my friends abroad.

Here, for any sociologist, are the issues, in one neat collection, that trouble our society in an urban Indian background:

astrologer sign bg road 140408

It is worthy of note that first “marriage” appears, and it is soon followed by “husband-wife problems”…but those are different from “court” and “enemy”…!

And for those who cannot read Kannada, that’s “Sairam Jyotishya Mandira”.

From the LJ of

January 8, 2008

The irony is SO delicious…there ARE a few words spelt properly, too!

Thank you, Sharath!

Three lovely notices and a balanced outlook

January 6, 2008

At Hebbal Lake….

doing illegal activities...

Near it….

Ayurvedic Camp 060108 Hebbal Lake area

Near my home…

Jowar Meals Restaurant 060108

And I would bet that this guy rarely loses his cool…

a balanced outook on life 040108 road from BR Hills

Did a lovely birding trip to Hebbal Lake, which is a “first-timer” for me in birding parlance…

What better way to spend a winter morning than first sip hot tea in the cold misty dawn, and then have experienced birders teach you lots of things by the lake as the sun slowly warms you up?

We can’t keep our environs clean…though we can put up boards…

November 27, 2007