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May 14, 2008

What would YOU consult with these consultants?

And would you…er…intimate these consultants that you wanted to consult them?

The Circle Goddess

April 19, 2008

I don’t like posting about current events and politics and such, because there are plenty of others who do that much better than I do.

So, not a word about the Twenty20 match, the CET exams tomorrow and the day after, and the earthquake that my daughter felt….

So here’s Sri Circle Goddess….

Here’s the pretty temple:

circle maramman temple c v raman nagar 170408

and here’s the sign :

sri circle maramman temple sign 180408

The name is given because the temple is situated on Sir C V Raman Circle. And it’s interesting that the Indian Institute of Science is referred to in the sign as Rashtriya Vigyana Mandira…which also translates to National Temple for Science.

And here’s the goddess, preparing to pierce the evil hide of the demon. His face is hidden behind the foliage of the tree (I could not enter further without removing my footwear) but I like the fairly polite way she is just sort of poking his epidermis with that spear, and he looks as if he would kill her with just his underarm B.O.

devi performing hernia operation "sri circle maramman" temple C V Raman Nagar 180408

There are plenty of such beautiful temples dotting this lovely city of mine….

Places in Devarayanadurga

April 9, 2008

I am truly struggling with an internet connection that is like the Sardarji’s car turn-indicator (someone asked him, “I will switch on the indicator, let me know if it’s working,” and his reply was, “It’s working,it’s not working, it’s working, it’s not working….) comes and goes and comes and goes and a post that should take a few minutes has taken HOURS. But I *will* be victorious and make the post yet….

This is all about the non-birding and wildlifing part of the trip to Devarayanadurga, which I have already posted about. I want to put on record the places that we went to. Here’s the first place on this Karnataka signboard:

devarayanadurga signboard 050408

all about the places in Devarayanadurga, and our TV appearance, under the cut

The Crimson Rose Butterflies, Devarayanadurga

April 5, 2008

I spent a wonderful day with fellow naturalists– from the NTP, namely mamtanaidu and anirudhc, and Kiran Immidi (a friend of sainath‘s),Arun, and Sheshadri, who is really knowledgeable about birds and mammals, and was fantastic at id-ing tracks…he id’d leopard, boar, peacock,civet, and hare tracks for us….. and in the Devarayanadurga State Forest area, in Tumkur.

A detailed post will follow when this four-letter word foul internet connection allows me to post my pics (I got some nice ones!) to Flickr, but these I *was* able to upload, and I couldn’t wait to post them.

We saw two CRIMSON ROSE butterflies mating….

sixty-nine...crimson rose bfly mating devarayanadurga 050408

Then, as they mated, they flew into the air, and the butterfly on …er..the top did all the flying; then they landed on another plant not far from us, and we rushed to get that….

crimson rose b'fly mating devarayanadurga 050408

Later, we also saw dragonflies doing the same thing, but I couldn’t get photographs.

There are, however, pics of leopard pugmarks along with a peacock’s, various raptors, wild jasmine, the scent of which was a heady accompaniment to us the entire day, and lots and lots more….

A way to make a living….

March 28, 2008

I spotted these two people at Jayanagar 4th Block the other day; they are, in fact, mendicants, but add value by dressing up as mythological characters. The characters are usually identifiable, but I could not make out who these two were supposed to represent. I wonder..perhaps it is Rama and Lakshmana?

dressed as mythological characters jayanagar 4th block 230308

But if so, the bows and arrows are missing.

They were taking a little break from work; I saw them a little earlier, asking for alms….

Lalbagh on Saturday; films on the weekend…

March 24, 2008

Karthik had told me that he would be free this weekend, so I tried to organize an outing; the weather was not very predictable, so he said that rather than Manchinabele, which was much further away, we should go to Lalbagh, where if it rained, we could do some id’ing of hot idlis and coffee at any nearby Darshini…

We were a round (well, none of us are ROUND, really, but…) dozen…Karthik the NTP Guruji, and the NTP members were, in alphabetical order, Adarsh,Anjali,Geeta,Pallavi,Prasanna,Vittal, and me; and then there were, also in alphabetical order, Vittal’s son Adu (it should be Jayaditya, but I want to put him first!),Vittal’s friend and potential NTP-taker Girish, Nisarg, whom I have met at various birding and wildlife locations, and Pallavi’s husband Preetam, who just took Sudhir Shivaram ‘s course on photography, and was there to try out all the newly-learned stuff….

LOTS of pics if you click, or you could skip!

Images from Lalbagh….. on the Ides of March!

March 20, 2008

We went to Lalbagh a few days ago, and enjoyed ourselves very much….

Karthik tells me this is the Flacourtia flower; every March, it is paradise for the bees:

flower and bee lalbagh 150308

Sometimes they feast, three at a time!

three at a time....lalbagh 150308

Here’s the fresh offshoot on a cactus:

cactus lalbagh 150308 vittal pallavi anush

lots of photos of all kinds here

The Ramnagara Post

March 14, 2008

Some of us had been to Ramnagara last year, but after that, senior birders were concerned about the disturbance to the LONG-BILLED VULTURES, so birders have stopped going there now. But I think, after seeing amoghavarsha‘s post today, enough time has elapsed that I can post my bird photographs on my own blog at least…..

Here’s my usual sunrise photo:

sunrise in ramnagara 021207

Ramnagara is a beautiful place, and I have posted about the beauty of the Ramagiri temple there at

Let me show you this lovely scene…I call that centre rock the “Eternal Triangle”!

beautiful scenery at ramnagara

There is an old ruined structure on the lower part of the sheet rock; it might have been a temple at one time, I don’t know, but it looks picturesque:

ruined temple at ramnagara

Some more of my pics of the Ramagiri Temple area are at

A really beautiful, scenic spot!

You can see some raptors if you click here

The Maid

March 12, 2008

She is an inescapable part of the urban Indian’s life. She is, in general, underpaid in terms of just cash; but she gets her due in terms of other intangibles. Most people could not get through the day’s housework without her help. And (again this is a generalization) she is the strong bread-winner for the family, often managing a good-for-nothing, drunkard husband, trying to send the children to school, and trying to have a normal life as well…

broom in hand btm layout 110308

Yes, often maids steal, are unreliable, and hold householders to ransom..but they are just often exploited, too. I must say, though, that in apartment buildings, there seems to be a good balance; our maids are often treated as part of our household.

This one was actually sweeping the road in front of her employer’s home! Surely a little above and beyond her usual duties….? I loved her bright saree, and when she looked at me photographing her, she gave me a sweet smile.

The Turahalli Trip

March 10, 2008

It was really tough, after getting back home at 1.45pm after our monthly QuizFamilies meet, to wake up again at 5am, to go to Turahalli; but Chandan had been talking about his trekking trips for so long that I was determined to go on one with him!

Chandan was a little worried about whether KM and I would be able to make it up the slope…but he need not have worried, as the slope was a very, very gentle one, and in any case, we were ambling up and down, as we kept looking for birds!

For me, any trip into the forest/wild areas has both the bird and the non-bird components; the two together make up the whole experience, so if one is disappointing, the other generally makes up! The trip to Turahalli was, primarily, to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but the birds didn’t let us down (though the bird photography part was pathetic!) Let me discuss the bird component first:

This started off on a really awesome note. We had hardly stepped out of the car and on to the slope of the path that led to the Munishwara temple when we sighted the Eurasian Eagle Owl, sitting quite a way from us in the early morning light. Of course, there was no opportunity to take anywhere near a decent shot, but since, for me, the documentation is the most important part of bird photography, I have no problems in including two of my terrible shots. One is practically a silhouette that only a committed bird-watcher could recognize as the EURASIAN EAGLE OWL (click on the words for a much better picture!):

Terrible pic of Eurasian Eagle Owl Turahalli 090308

Here’s the same pic, slightly zoomed and cropped; it’s terribly grainy, but at least one can make out that the subject IS the owl:

eurasian eagle owl zoomed

the rest of the morning, some birds , and some lovely sights…if you click on this