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The Winnie-the-Pooh squirrel…

January 7, 2012

We had a wonderful outing at Hessarghatta today…16 of us…but this post is about something I’ve seen for the very first time.

I was watching an


eating a bee in the Banyan tree:

drngo sqrl   hsrgta 07011

(don’t ask me why, then, it cannot be called a Bee-eater)

when I realized that high up within the branches, there was a Rock Bee hive, and something very interesting was going on.

3 sqrl   hsrgta 07011

We know of many animals (bears, cf. the subject-title above), ants, buzzards (indeed there is an Oriental Honey Buzzard) who love honey, but I suddenly spotted a squirrel slowly going over the hive, looking for honey!

2 sqrl   hsrgta 07011

We all watched the squirrel for a while, wondering why it was not getting stung badly; there seemed to be no bees around, even though the hive did not look abandoned, but was quite fresh.

sqrl 1 hsrgta 070112

This was the first time I’ve seen an Oriental Honey Squirrel! I wish he’d broken off some honeycombs and thrown them down to us, too…

The photos from our outing are on Facebook albums are


The Blue-tailed Bee-Eater, 140511

January 5, 2012

No profound thoughts are occuring in my cauliflower brain today (come to that, not in the past 57 years, some would say!)…so here’s a very beautiful bird that I photographed on the way to Kabini, on 140511…

We saw several of them, but two stopped in their swooping long enough for us to click:


And one posed with its catch, for a bit:



is the wiki entry about the bird….it’s trilling noise is as much a delight as its beautiful feathers!

Didn’t get the bird, but…

July 5, 2007

No bird, but here’s the bee and the flower!

bee and the flower 5 jul 07

That macro part of the S3IS is very enjoyable…