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House Sparrows having a mud-bath, Forest Park, 110814…and others

August 12, 2014

Sparrows mud bathing:

Here’s my video of two of these perky creatures, one of whom is not happy with what she sees in the rear-view mirror. This was from Ragihalli, 160110.

One of them having baths in water, from JLR, Kabini, 210710:

Finally, a video of them having a grass bath, replete with one Lousy Jokku from me (“Rice Baath” is the name of a Karnataka dish) , also from the same visit to Kabini:

News about The Boods, STL

April 8, 2014

On the 31st of March, the siblings had water fun:

a bda bdi bath 310314 STL

On the 6th of April, they went to a friend’s Minnie-Mouse-theme party:

boodi with Minnie Mouse, STL, 060414

bdi bday pty 060414

A little more, and he won’t be a cutie, he’ll be an electrocutie:

booda elec 060414

I’ll be going to visit them in the not-too-distant future!

Brother’s bucket bath!

February 19, 2014

I’d posted


about KTB’s (and other creatures’) baths….here’s KTB’s brother, The Booda, having HIS bath!

aboodabktbth 080214

Children and water are always affinities…

Bath, bucket and beyond..

November 2, 2006

This morning, I was ruminating while having my usual bucket-and-mug bath…which form of bathing takes the least amount of precious water?

Hadn’t got around to getting to write about it, and I looked at my friends’ page..and there was knutties writing on the exact same identical topic yesterday.( I only saw it today, though….yesterday my laptop-to-mains wire gave way where KM had helpfully soldered it, and I was off the net for quite a while, until KM helpfully re-soldered it for me this morning.)

And my response:

this is amazing, this morning while bathing I was musing on which way would be most economical of water and I see this post now….

I disagree with you though. I think the bucket and mugis the most economical. The hand shower often runs far, far longer than necessary. With a b-and-m, you know exactly how much water you have (I always use three fourths of my bucket…a throwback to very hard times in Chennai, which I will never get out of my system.)Another point is that the temperature of the bucket of water is constant unlike the hand-shower which can scald you sometimes, and freeze you at others when someone opens the hot water tap at the washbasin (experience talking!) And of course, you agree that water is not “on tap” in many places!

OK, I am still going to post about this!! But I am so tickled that we should be thinking about bath, buckets and beyond on the same day!

To wind up on a very nice note…I was enjoying the hot bucket-bath, and the thought crossed my mind….having a hot bath on a chill, cloudy day is like…the embrace of a lover…the only difference is, the latter warms one up mentally and physically…


July 10, 2006


Had a HOT bath before leaving…and it occurred to me how privileged we are, to have drinking-quality water coming out of our taps 24 hours a day. We may crib about infrastructure and having difficulties, but certainly, some of us have a most privileged life…

A hot bath on a cool morning, and a cold bath on a hot one…one of the pleasures of life!