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Children’s Day at Bandipur, 141114

November 17, 2014

As wildlife volunteers, Kumuda, Siddharth and I went to Bandipur to help celebrate Children’s Day with about 150 children from three local schools: Hangala, Mangala, Bheemannabeedu.


I love that old Karnataka logo!

Here are the Forest Dept. officials at the event:


13 of the children spoke about wildlife and conservation, and we were very impressed. One of the Adivasi teachers also spoke with great passion.

Here’s Chandrakala, a versatile girl who both sang and spoke well:


Here are some of the children, who ran up and asked to be photographed…such delights!


Here’s everyone at the end of the event:


Here are all the Eco-Volunteers who attended:


(Deepa, Harsha, Satish, Veena, Ashritha, Kumuda, Sandeep, Siddharth)

Other sights, and thoughts:


Love can be Wild-ly Boaring….


Hanuman Langurs were everywhere:


This beautiful


delighted me:



As did this



The Peacock’s breeding plumage, and That Amazing Tail, is just starting to grow out at this season.


“Horn OK Please” is the slogan at the back of most trucks (meaning, sound your horn to overtake)…but here was a horn, sorry, antler…


This plastic sheet, excreted (probably by a Chital) was a scary reminder that the litter we leave behind could kill animals that ingest it. This animal was lucky to be able to eliminate it.

Bandipur has always been a place of Mother and Child, for me. Here are the species that I clicked this time, quite appropriately, on Children’s Day!









Just look at those two little cuties!

Human beings:

Life at the edges of the forest continues to be hard:


Our old temples fall into ruins:


But instead of maintaining them, we keep on building new ones…


Such beautiful banyan trees, shading the highway. They were planted long ago…can we keep up the practice?


Contemporary Indian architecture certainly seems to celebrate colour!


So do our buses!


(Don’t miss the usual hanging-from-the-footboard mode of travel.)

We also dropped in to see Loki (Lokesh) at JLR Bandipur, and I asked permission for Kumuda and Siddharth to see the beautiful murals in some of the rooms:



I’d written an article on the three artists who did the murals…the project was left unfinished, and the newer cottages don’t have them.

I’ve put up more photos on my FB album,


(the official part)



(the other parts!)

The Purple-rumped Sunbird, Sundaghatta, 280114

March 5, 2014

In Sundghatta, we stopped the car to watch a few birds, and as usual, these beautiful little


caught our attention as they flitted to and fro on the Calatropis bushes.

Here’s the lady…

DSC09707 - Copy

and the gentleman….

DSC09704 - Copy

The Purple-rumped Sunbird(Leptocoma zeylonica) are endemic to the Indian Subcontinent. They usually feed on nectar from flowers, but can sometimes eat insects. Purple-rumped Sunbirds are tiny at less than 10 cm long. they have medium-length thin down-curved bills and brush-tipped tubular tongues, both adaptations to their nectar feeding.I don’t know how they can eat insects with that!When the flowers are too deep to probe, they sometimes pierce the base of the flower and rob the nectar.

Their hanging pouch nests are made up of cobwebs, lichens and plant material. Imagine, collecting cobwebs and making nests out of that!

Male sunbirds can be very aggressive towards what they perceive to be rivalry.


is my post (July 23, 2010) about the way a male Sunbird attacked his own reflection, at JLR Bandipur, believing it to be a rival!

Three wishes…and no more

February 24, 2014

I wish we were like birds, with the ability to fly.

L mhe dhnti 291011 30D photo IMG_9225-2.jpg

I wish we were like plants , to make food directly from the sun.

backlit rain tree flower bg 280209 photo IMG_5267.jpg

I wish we were like other beings, never questioning why.

doe and fawn bndpr 040212 photo IMG_3263.jpg

But we are just human beings, so my wishing is over, and done!

Gauri and her cubs, Bandipur, 040212

February 28, 2012

It was nice to see Gauri, the tiger who gave birth to four cubs….we saw three of the cubs, too. As usual, it was past sunset, and quite low light when we saw them, but I managed these videos…

For more photos, visit my Facebook album …

<a href=””> click here </a>


Why is the Sambar watery? Bandipur, 040212

February 28, 2012

Sometimes, when I take a video, I get more behaviour than I bargained for….

Now you know!

More difficulties…

February 9, 2012

Just when I thought I could start accessing LJ posts again, and comment, my laptop started giving trouble, and would not connect to the net at all. I am still not used to the two-finger typing on the blessed iPad…and in any case, for some reason, I am unable to upload any photos through it.

And, of course, the spam comments on LJ continue. I get handbag adverts, I get junk… The meaningful debates and discussions seem to be a thing of the past. The stats say about 130 unique visitors….but where is the conversation? Not happening.

I had a lovely trip to Bandipur, where we had the memorable sighting of the very elusive Mouse Deer, and, of course the mother tiger and three of her four cubs. I do have some nice pics to share…but can’t share them, just yet!

I cam back and am volunteering to show the children of Headstart School around Lalbagh…that was on Tuesday the 7th, and today.

I participated in a wildlife quiz conducted by Karnataka Quiz Association, and though Anand and I didn’t win, we had a great time and got some nice vouchers!

I hope yo get my laptop back soon, and also sort out the issues on the iPad, soon….
Life goes on while Chandan repairs my laptop…. Off to Nannaj, in Maharashtra for the weekend

Rainbows in the web…and preening in the rain

October 4, 2011

You have to watch this video carefully to get the effect.

This is a


web, on the ground.

As I move the point of view, the sun’s rays hit the web, and prismatic colours appear in a kind of sheen. Do watch…it’s stunningly beautiful!

Only a birdbrain would think of sitting in the rain to preen oneself! Here’s an


sitting on a pole, preening itself and drying itself busily…it seems unaware that it is still raining!

You can hear the rain!

Videos from Bandipur, 011011

October 3, 2011

What a binary date the 1st of October is!!

We( Bhavita, Gopal, Poornima, Uma and I) went to Bandipur on Saturday and came back yesterday…and managed to pack the two days in with some great times. I got some (even for me!) great shots on the 30D, and was tremendously unhappy to find that KM had exchanged the CF card in the camera for one that…doesn’t download on to my laptop!

However, the MLC (Canon SX30) worked fine, and here’s are some videos.

The first one is the beautiful


that we had excellent sightings of:

This one, the


which we had a tremendous sighting of:

Another, of the endangered


(the only “rabbiit” we have in India)

scooting away in the car’s headlights (you have to look carefully at the left-hand side)

And the last one, of a fat

SPIDER (I don’t know the name!)

busily despatching its prey, right outside our home stay at Chik Yelchetti. (Switch off the volume, as there is a piercing noise from an electrical circuit nearby)

I’ll be uploading pictures, and a narrative on to my Facebook page soon…

Article on the Murals at JLR Bandipur

March 11, 2009

An article I wrote some time ago:

If any of you can, do book at Bandipur JLR, and ask for the cottages with the murals in them!

An old Deccan Herald article

February 9, 2009

I wrote several articles and “middles” regularly for the Deccan Herald before I started writing for Citizen Matters, and after having met Sangeetha Kadur and hijacked her and Madhukar (another expert birder whose work with the digiscope can be found here ) home,I
went and googled for the article about the artists who painted the beautiful murals at Bandipur…it’s at

Oh, I have referred to it in

this post

Alas, that last mural remains unfinished, and JLR never continued with this great initiative….but Sangeetha continues with her wildlife painting, and is at present working on a book on humming birds! More power to her brush…

Hmm…I thought I had lost all the articles that I wrote, I realize I can hunt for them…these simple things take the Concrete Cauliflower a while to understand!

The Wildscreen Festival proved far more interesting than I budgeted for; the masterclass by Jeremy Bristow was riveting, and the one by Laura Marshall on managing productions, applies to so many situations that demand good scheduling to ensure a successful outcome. More in my writeup for Citizen Matters! 🙂