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Harassment by autorickshaw driver and police constables, Gavi Gangadeshwara Temple, Basavanagudi

February 2, 2014

After getting her car stuck in dug-up areas of Bangalore roads, my friend KV yielded the wheel of her car to me. We were going to visit the Gavi Gangadeshwara Temple in Basavanagudi.

What happened as we turned the last blind corner to the temple felt like a sheer accident at the time, but in hindsight, appears to be a deliberately designed racket.

An auto driver came too close to me and hit the right-hand-side wing mirror. I was irritated at his driving, but since we were four ladies (my friend K V, her mother, her aunt, another friend, J V, and myself) in the car, I didn’t want to get into a slanging match. I knew that there had been no damage to my friend’s car or to the auto. I decided to let it go, as one does, countless times. I went further and parked.

The auto driver followed me, parked his auto next to me, and collected a group of other auto drivers (who all hang around with their autos there) and unleashed a storm of invective. Vituperative and abusive beyond belief, it was plain that he was angling to get some money. I refused to respond to his demands and told him I was wiling to go to the police station with him.

Quite magically, two constables appeared…with big grins on their faces, which I could not understand or explain at the time. They talked to the crowd of auto drivers, all of whom had become “eyewitnesses” to the “fact” that I had hit the auto. I stood my ground and they told me to come to the police station, just at the end of the road.

My poor friend, though a lawyer, is of a soft nature, and she did not want to respond to the threats by the auto driver and his cronies. Also, her mother and aunt were very perturbed, and the aunt tried the tactic of apologizing to the police and the auto driver, hoping that they would let us go. This only marked us down as being weak, and the auto driver’s behaviour became even more belligerent.

The constable on duty at the police station took down the details of the auto driver. When I said I too wanted to register a case, he was magically reminded that he could not book a traffic case, and told me to go to Basavanagudi Traffic Police Station. If this was so, how was he writing down the details of the auto driver’s complaint? I refused to go to any other police station, reminding the constables that it was they who asked me to come to this police station.

At this point, the auto driver touched me, inappropriately, and yelled again. I told him I would slap him if he touched me, and rounded on the constables who saw it happen and were enjoying the spectacle. By this time, I was indescribably angry.

Meanwhile, my friend called up another lawyer friend of hers, who advised her to book a case of harassment against the auto driver. At this point, she too was extremely angry. She came in, demanded that a case for harassment be booked, and promised to stay the night if necessary at the police station, until the matter was resolved. The police, who were there to protect citizens, were obviously not doing their job, to say the least.

The fact that we stood our ground, and clearly would not pay, and the fact that she was a lawyer, may not have had anything to do with the matter, but the inspector stepped in and asked us to go. And go, we did. We took the car right back to the temple, and J and I watched the car while my friend, her mother, and her aunt went in for darshan.

Whie we were there, the two original constables came back! They asked how we had come away. My friend J, with presence of mind, replied, “Go and ask your inspector that, he was the one who asked us to go.” They pushed off at this.

The person who takes care of the footwear outside the temple informed us that this is a regular happening near this temple, and usually, the frightened passengers of the car pay up to avoid trouble.

Therefore, the way the auto driver hit the car, the way he followed us and created a ruckus, calling in a crowd of other autowallahs, the way the constables appeared, the smiles on their faces, the attempt to intimidate us at the police station…all these conspire to make me feel strongly that this is an organized racket.

Here’s a photo of the auto driver and his auto. No, I could not get pictures of the police constables. I was far too upset arguing with them and trying to deal with the goons.


He’s the one wearing the khaki coat, and the two others in the photos are two of the other auto drivers.

K sera sera…

March 9, 2009

When I went to the Malleswaram Heritage Walk, my beloved MLC fell to the ground, and though it was in a bag, it still broke…and the camera guy told me that it would cost “more than 3K” (that more-than sounds ominous!)….

Yesterday we went to attend the wedding of fellow NTP-er, sainath (can you imagine, I can’t post a pic of him and his very beautiful bride, as there is no MLC!)…and, a very rare occurrence for me, I had decided to take the car.

So naturally, an autorickshaw (I don’t know WHERE the driver was looking, he could not have hit me if he had been looking ahead) hit the car broadside on, on the left-hand-side, and when we stopped to look at the damage, he ran away. We spent a lot of time trying to see how we could file an FIR at the nearest police station….

It turned out that if the damages were anything less than 7K,it doesn’t make sense to claim insurance, as we would lose the no-claim bonus for the next two years, and that would amount to a loss of 5K….so today, the tinker-job garage told me that it would be done for 6.5K…and we are not claiming insurance, which is anyway a big pain…

That flapping noise that you hear is all those K’s flying out of our pockets quite quickly….! That’s why I feel that worrying about money is futile…K sera sera….whatever (expenses) will be, will be!

We still managed a lovely weekend, though!

Future Auto

October 30, 2008

This auto is at least two months ahead of its time….

I was hoping it would say “2009 cc” like they often do,(this habit started with “2000 cc” and increased by 1 every year, see this one which says 2007cc)

2007 cc auto 280208

But no, it was just the year!

I wish we had more autos like this…

August 12, 2008

Now I am looking for autos that say, “Sorry I dented your side door”, “Forgive me for overcharging you last week”, and so on….

Ever wonder…

April 5, 2008

Want to know what a girl auto looks like? I saw one in Devarayanadurga today, at the Yoganarasimha temple:

Can’t describe the glee I feel when I see such things, and I know that I have my MLC (Mary’s Lamb Camera) to capture them with.

2007 cc

February 29, 2008

When my son-in-law was here, he noticed that autorickshaws in Bangalore often have other car brand names such as “Volvo” and “Benz” written on them, and also incredibly inflated engine capacities, such as “1000 cc” and “2000 cc”. Well, this auto decided that 2000 cc was old hat, and decided to be more modern:

2007 cc auto 280208

I am waiting for the first 2008 cc autorickshaw on the roads, and hope I have my MLC (Mary’s Lamb Camera) with me when I do spot it!

I had done a post on these autos, and the messages they carry, for Metroblogs at

I do enjoy carting my MLC along as I traverse this wonderful city that I call home!

For Subbu….

January 19, 2008

Here’a lovely pic of auto-motive power for someone ….

Auto foot-push 301107

Let me know if this is OK….


And how will the ultimate shine happen? Read on…

July 11, 2007

No need to buy expensive movie tickets, or pay for cable…I think the backs of autos are a source of immense entertainment.

don't let her whine

So all you hero-type dudes out there…don’t worry about any whining…!


May 12, 2007

Had great fun taking those snaps!

How would it be…

May 4, 2007

Someone recently accused me of only finding fault and not finding solutions. So I wondered if our TT (Terrible Traffic) would improve if….

a. Autos had a much larger turning circle, which would mean they could no longer turn, twist, manouver and squeeze into gaps in traffic, causing chaos.

b. ALL horns were prohibited. Just think about it…aaaah…the silence alone would be worth it…If one cannot advance, horn blaring, to overtake another vehicle, surely the driving will become more circumspect, and better? One would have to give pedestrians a little more respect? (Looking forward to hearing all the negatives!)

c.We had one car-free day per week, or fortnight, per area….

I also realize that anyone who has me on their friends’ page will see nothing but entries from me…so no more posts today. (unless I think of something…)