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Play at Kirkwood Theater Guild

January 26, 2008

Yesterday, A was down again, and decided that the best way to cheer herself up was to go to a play; so she chose the Kirkwood Theater Guild , where there was a production of The Fourth Wall by A R Gurney , an American playwright.

The play was very much in the style of Ibsen and Shaw, both of whom were extensively quoted in the course of the action…and though I felt that the cast were rather self-conscious (well,it was a self-referential, deconstructionist play to begin with) about their being actors on a stage, they warmed up as the play went on , and it became very enjoyable. Much of the political humour, though, it topical, and the playwright would have to keep updating it or changing it if the play is not to become dated or stale. Steve Callahan was Roger, Ken Lopinot as Floyd (an excellent comic assay), Colleen Malone was Julia, and Janet Roby Schwartz was Peggy. Jan Meyer directed the play, and Danny Austin was the asst. director.

more details that won’t be of interest to anyone else but me

saw someone getting happy at last…

May 26, 2005

went and attended another play at Ranga Shankara, a very tentative effort after the last fiasco…this one wasn’t much better…I must say the general audience seems much more easily amused than I seem to be….I certainly find a great tendency to laugh at anything and everything, the more puerile the better….do people really want just mindless entertainment at the end of a long evening and a hard working day? and does “value-based” theatre have to be serious and earnest and no fun at all? Reminds me of Ayn Rand’s premise in “Night of January 16″….that entertainment and seriousness need not be divorced from each other..the only time I have ever agreed with Ayn Rand…I HATED “The Fountainhead”!

met cappucino_jo who seems to be finding happiness again…

at the play, but could not meet the new person in her life…she has promised to come home…she seems to have an interesting choice ahead of her….hope things pan out.

paying for very amateurish theatre…

May 14, 2005

went a couple of days ago to my favourite theatre which is close to home…made a friend drive an hour, battling heavy traffic, to get there…4 of us then sat and watched an incredibly foul performance, by a group that would have been outdone by any amateur school playgroup! It was so bad we laughed all the way through….what should have been an intense, tragic play.

Karna was born to the mother of the Pandavas; as she was unmarried at the time and had invoked a prayer to the Sun out of curiosity, she floated the baby out in the river and he was brought up by a charioteer and his wife, and grew up believing that he was of lowly birth. Later, his mother married and had five princes as sons, who, as sons of Pandu, were called the Pandavas.

Karna went to learn archery from Parashu Rama, who taught him in the belief that he would help him eradicate his enemies, the Kshatriyas. Once, to enable his teacher to sleep, Karna put the teacher’s head on his lap, and even though bitten by a snake, bore the pain stoically. When the teacher woke up to the drip of blood, he realized that only a Kshatriya (warrior race) could bear pain like that, and angered at what he thought was Karna’s deception, cursed him that in the hour of his need, all his knowledge of arms and their use would desert him.

Karna learnt the secret of his birth only later, when Kunti visited him on the eve of the great Mahabharatha battle, when he realized that he was arrayed against his own brothers.

Alas for Karna on stage! When he was proving his valour as an archer, and bringing down from the tree all the leaves as against Arujna’s hundred…the arrow on stage, instead of going gracefully offstage as it should have, went and hit Duryodhana fair and square…who had to pretend it wasn’t there. Bhishma had a dhoti split wide open at the you-know-where and we couldn’t even look in that direction….the irony was Dhritharashtra, the blind king, having a dhoti that was…see-through! Karna and Duryodhana yelled in English, Shakuni (who is Gandhar Naresh, or king of Khandahar in Afghanistan) shouted in some horrible half-literary, half-slang Tamizh, Shukracharya yowled in Hindi. and when Dhritarashtra suddenly started screaming in Kannada, we just couldn’t stop our laughter…

We all determined to come out during the interval and never go back…and that was the best of all , the play which the brochure said would last 150 minutes, ended in 90…giving us blessed release!

Oh well, the last play we attended was excellent….Khatijabhai of Karmali Terrace, based on Emily of Emerald Hill…you win some, you lose some, I guess!