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Life, and letting go……

June 28, 2014

I am Sweden for a few weeks; when I went around a jumble sale yesterday, I had no cash whatsover, and even if I had some, I knew I would only be accumulating junk that would be of no use to me or the person I am staying with. This allowed me to go around the sale area without buying anything.


Coming back home, I mused upon the fact that this is a metaphor for my life, too. If I lack the cash (the ability to get attached to something) I can go through life enjoying everything without getting too attached to it, bringing it “home” and being lumbered with it….


At the jumble sale, I had a credit card that was not accepted. I accept that I do need some money….some attachment…to get me through life…but how can I ensure that I will have only the really important attachments? At the jumble sale, the decision was taken for me, but in life, I will have to make these decisions…and my mind is too fickle, too caught by what is glittering and meretricious, and I squander away my peace of spirit for “baggage” that only weighs me down….


After my divorce, when KM moved out of the house, he was kind enough to have the apartment painted before my return. He’d packed a lot of bric-a-brac away, like the Swarovsky crystal, my collection of Ganeshas, the life-like miniature vegetables I bought in Dakshineswar….and I have never bothered to unpack them, since I returned (this was in 2012.) I actually feel the relief of not having to dust and clean them regularly….I have learnt, therefore, to shed *some* baggage. But the journey of learning to let go, is still very long….

Suitcase found…

January 25, 2007

Though we wasted two and a half hours first waiting for the suitcase and then lodging a complaint about its going missing, thank goodness, it has been located at last, and will, hopefully, be delivered home some time today….I realized that though it contains many things, I am now in a position to say that I could have got along without any of the stuff…good, perhaps I am making some progress on the path of non-attachment….

I also realize, each time I visit the States, how few possessions I really require to live…why, then, do I surround myself with so much of stuff, and why am I unable to give it away?

On other news, let me get organized (gas leak in the kitchen onwards) and I will get around to posting some pictures….esp the bald eagle ones….