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May 23, 2008

Overheard here:


….silence in return.

“Hi…I saw you in the Carlton dining room this morning.”

“Oh, you are also staying at the Carlton…hi….”

“I think you are in the cottage next to mine.” (Rooms are 7.5K per night, cottages are 10K.)

“Oh, you are also in a cottage…but we were staying in a suite and since we are leaving today we decided the cottage is OK for part of the day…” (the suites are 12K.)

I must admire the first guy’s persistent friendliness…and I wonder, if the second guy meets someone who has a small house here in Kodai, will he look down on him because he has a *small* house, or strike up conversation with him because he *has* a house? I wonder, and smile to myself!

The town is getting crowdeder and crowdeder….hopefully, if I get to the parlour tomorrow, some more pics ( velvet-fronted nuthatch, not a great pic but…!)

All the watchmen want me to take their pictures….I am a watchman celebrity!


January 29, 2007

High Intelligence+Youth+Sometimes Good Looks=Very Often, Arrogance+Ageism.

Intelligence + Humility= Wisdom

Information =/ (no “not-equal-to” symbol on this keyboard ) Knowledge

Ignorance =/ Innocence