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Some more creatures at Bandipur…

May 30, 2007

And now, ladies’n’genmun, we come to some of the more unusual creatures that reside in our forests…..I must say, this time we seemed to have all of them coming over to the road to meet us!

Saying hello is the Monitor Lizard , which might remind us, sadly, of ladies’ handbags:

Monitor Lizard

The wiki says they are very intelligent and some species can count, isn’t that amazing?

Next we come to the Pond Terrapin. At least, that’s what this chap is supposed to be, but we found him on the road! I joked that he had probably left for a short walk to the nearest water body,the previous day….

Pond terrapin

At first, he was shy, but soon his head came peeping out:

Pond Terrapin peeping out

Doesn’t he look for all the world as if he is grinning happily?

Amazing, I googled for “pond terrapin” but the only reference I got to an Indian Pond Terrapin was an image on INW! So perhaps I have the id wrong..someone please correct me if so.

For other forest residents, click here

Of creatures…

February 28, 2007

My wildlife experience is inextricably tied up with the several avid wildlifers I have met. Just now when I saw sainath‘s post about the Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, I instantly thought of yathin…even though HE now signs himself Elephas Maximus! So I was musing..and I realize that I think of some particular fauna when I see the names of some people…let me describe the associations at least with some LJ-ers!

kalyan….the bonnet macaques of BR Hills and the Crested Serpent Eagle which he pointed out to us when we first met him in that magical place…

amoghavarsha…that rock python which he photographed..and the Forest Calottus.
sanathreddy…the crocodile….
sainath…the Spotted Owlet….
chirdeep_shetty…the dhole and the chital, the former usually hunting the latter!, not the kaadupapa (the Slender Loris), but the elephants which he snapped in that beautiful photograph…

And so it goes…