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The people whom the birds bring me in touch with!

November 15, 2013

I wrote to the MObirds listserv, mentioning a piece of doggerel that I’d written about birding.

(You can see it

here )

and also giving the link to the video I’d taken, of an Indian Blue Robin bathing

(the post is

here )

and I got a reply from someone called Ken Thompson.

He said:

“Greetings, Deepa

“Sorry i didn’t get a chance to me you when you were here in St Louis. I have to mention that besides my two main obsessions (genealogy & birding), i’m a fan of spicy food — and the samples of southern Indian food that i’ve had from Priyaa & Gokul (restaurants) have been delicious! It’s interesting to see some of the same vegetables that we grew on our farm in Ohio, prepared in totally different ways.
“I’ll be following your future posts with interest.
“Ken Thompson
“near the confluence of the Illinois, Missouri & Mississippi rivers”

I found this email very interesting, so I replied to him:

“Wow, Ken, what an interesting email! One of the vegetables I know of, made completely differently, is Okra…I’ve yet to taste gumbo, though. What other vegetables have you noticed? Eggplant, maybe? A liking for spicy food …how did you come by that?

“Genealogy seems to be a very riveting topic, too….in India, we have not been great at documentation, so our efforts to trace our roots falter and fail after the 3rd generation preceding us. My son-in-law’s grandmother was an Eitzen, and his mother and uncle once came down to St.Louis and had great fun tracing various branches of the family tree.

“Do you have a blog or a website that I can go through?”

To which I got this reply:

“No, no blog, website, or any such. Am actually an ancient mainframe computer programmer (40+ years experience), being forced into the 21st century by my geek-boy sons. Both of whom cook up dishes too hot for me, even. Was brought up German/English, in northwest Ohio, USA. Dad’s mother still spoke German, we made our own sauerkraut (imagine, weak kimchi), ate much potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, root crops, etc. To me now, aloo gobi & mutter ANYthing are ‘comfort’ foods. The only way i’ll voluntarily eat eggplant, is baingan bharta; still not a big fan of okra, tho. Have tried many different cuisines, mainly from Europe (English, German, Bosnian, Italian, Russian) thru the Middle East (Persian, Lebanese, Afghani) to India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan & Korea. Saint Louis is nice, in that respect. My wife agrees with all of the above except Korean, and some of the very southern Indian dishes. Years ago, i decided that life is too short for dull food, and have been trying (almost) anything since.
Genealogy can easily become an obsession. I call it my socially acceptable form of OCD. On some lines, with help from other researchers, have tracked back into the 1700s in America & Germany, and in England & Scotland for my wife. On my Thompson line, have not been able to trace back past 1850 or so, in New York state. Am currently reading thru the parish records of the Roman Catholic church where my mother’s family lived, finding many relatives that i never heard of before. It’s the most that i’ve used my Latin & German language training in DECADES! And none, or very little, of this research would have been possible without the Internet. It’s rather mind-boggling, really.
“Well, i’ve rattled on enough. Must get ready for work tomorrow.”

I was chatting with and when he heard the name, he went ballistic. “You mean to say you are in touch with KEN THOMPSON?” he exclaimed in huge capitals.

“Er, yes,why, who’s Ken Thompson?” I said.

“Read those words….an ancient mainframe computer programmer (40+ years experience)” he said. “I’m sending you a link….read it.”

So he sent me the link to the

Wiki entry about Ken Thompson.

I was totally zapped when I read it.

“An American pioneer of computer science.Thompson designed and implemented the original Unix operating system. He also invented the B programming language, the direct predecessor to the C programming language.”

Amongst other awards, he’s won the Turing Award and the National Medal of Technology. WOW.

This is the person with whom I am casually discussing birds and genealogy! My toes curled.

But the wonderful part is….the fantastic people that birds bring into my life! Ken may be a supernova….but I must say that every person I meet as a birdwatcher is highly interesting and enriches my life further.

The inventor of the digital timer….and other things…

October 8, 2013

Vince Eitzen was DS’ grandfather. Marilyn, his grandmother, left for Florida today…and was talking about her first husband (he was the first of her 3 husbands.) He must have been an amazing guy…

(She’s certainly quite amazing.. she flew from Florida alone, and back, and spent each day with us, especially a long day at the Zoo!)

Near as I can tell, Pappy/Vince appears to have invented the digital preset timer as we know it. Just think of the daily applications…microwaves, ovens, sports, wow!

Also, (see 3rd link), an automated, on-line (telephone) ordering system…he was way ahead of his time!





I cannot think, ever, of being able to invent anything, and the creativity required for this is beyond anything I can even dream of!

And…how interested he would be, if he were alive today!

How the Hummingbird feeds

September 10, 2013

For a superb video, please

click here

Oh…I got the embed code, here’s the video:

Rolling through SFO Bay…

September 26, 2011

We think of hard work only as something we do on our routine work, and something that is not fun…but occasionally the two come together.

I can only marvel at the amount of prior planning…and then the relentless hard work, that must have gone into a creation such as this:

Oh my goodness! How did he keep the project intact for 35 years!

Don’t watch this if you are squeamish…

May 21, 2009

Body Invaders – Watch more videos

Thank you, purely_narcotic!

I hope there wasn’t a single squeam from you during that!

It’s both awful when you look at the visuals, and awesome when you consider how the videography was done…how on earth did they do this, and what equipment would the videographers have used? yathin…any ideas?

What the internet means to me

February 14, 2009

I am so totally amazed by the power of the net…well, obviously, I am not intelligent enough to grasp its overall significance for the planet Earth, but as far as it has impacted that most important person in the universe, namely, me…

Parts of my past years in terms of music, ideas, people….are all now accessible to me on the internet.

I find it so easy to write articles and give links to the various topics that I want to touch upon. So easy to share the images that I, and others, have made. I get feedback instantly on what I write…

I am in touch with so many people across the world that it’s only lack of time (or lack of inclination) that keeps me from being constantly in touch! And it’s still incredible to me that I am in touch real-time with people halfway across the world. No more waiting to pay large sums of money for a three-minute faint, atatic-filled call which mostly goes by in everyone crowding around the phone asking, “How are you?” I am so…connected when I choose to be.

So many of my face-to-face friends are on the net, too, and vice versa. And I have so many close friends that I am never likely to meet, either.

Because I carefully chose the ponds I would like to paddle in, the dangers of the internet don’t bother me. (And I agree, there ARE deadly dangers lurking there.)

There is just SO much information available out there, and hopefully, some of it will be processed into knowledge in my head….it’s like the entire sum of knowledge is out there, available, free…that does stagger me.

I always think that the future holds things that cannot be visualized right now. Thirty years ago, would anyone have been able to predict accurately at the way the web covers the earth today?

Here’s a nice image to begin the day with:

No, it is not a childhood self-portrait.

I am rapidly approaching the 2500 image limit on my Photobucket site!

And yet, there are the places where the net is unknown, unheard of…we do live in several worlds at once!

Would YOU run a half-marathon after having major surgery?

September 18, 2007

shortindiangirl finished the Lewis and Clark half-marathon at St Louis.

Read about it on her blog:

The wonderful part is the incident that she writes about…. ittouched
me so deeply.

It’s good that a young woman runs and finishes the
run, too, but a lady who has just had a mastectomy doing it? I am dumbfounded!

What amazing people we have around us!