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Views of Alton and Grafton, Illinois, 270713

August 1, 2013

After we were done at the Lewis and Clark State Historical Site, looking at the old boat and the settler’s houses, we went to Alton:

DSC04454 alton sign  alton 270713


Clark Bridge

with its distinctive, floating-in-the-air look, is one of the most beautiful bridges I’ve seen:

DSC04564 light brdg  270713

We also cross the Missouri river, over another, more conventional bridge:

DSC04571 brdg over mspi 270713

The road to Alton, along the right bank of the Mississippi river, has limestone cliffs:

DSC04465 road to  alton 270713

As one enters Alton, this beautiful mural greets one:

DSC04457 mural  alton 270713

The distinctive quarry is another landmark:

DSC04462 quarry  alton 270713

An old-style paddleboat, which now houses a casino, looks colourful:

DSC04461 argosy  alton 270713

The lighthouse in Grafton is very pretty…

DSC04499 2 lighths and wdn bt  alton 270713

This wooden boat takes visitors for rides:

DSC04498 wdn bt  alton 270713

The windows and wall of this house caught my attention:

DSC04500 windows  alton 270713

There’s no doubt about the food served here:

DSC04509 fish bldg  alton 270713

We went down to the Grafton Ferry:

DSC04507 grafton fry  alton 270713

The buildings on the riverbank are very pretty:

DSC04494 bldgs  alton 270713

DSC04463 street  alton 270713

Sailboats on the river enjoy the beautiful weather:

DSC04560 misspi alton 270713

However, a surprising number stay moored in the marina:

DSC04526 marina  alton 270713

Light aircraft take up people for joyrides:

DSC04541 plane  270713

There are kayaks for hire…

DSC04538 kayaks  alton 270713

They go past interesting-looking clouds like these…

DSC04844 clouds 280713 Rckwds reservation

Hope you enjoyed the visit down to Alton and Grafton!

The Bald Eagles

January 27, 2007

Gosh, this jet lag means no sleep at the “right” times…so I decided to post the bald eagle photos before going off for my walk…Photos by KM. The camera had a lot of trouble midway through and we were lucky to get any pics at all.

We went to Alton and before we were taken to the eagle habitat by bus, we went to see a captive bald eagle on the hand of his trainer, at the Visitors’ Center.

Here he is, McGuire the bald eagle, in all his majesty…he is named after the famous baseball player. He lives in Milwaukee.

Bald Eagle, Alton, 21 Jan 07

several more pics here

The Gulls’ Own Art…

January 27, 2007

As we went around the area from which we could see the bald eagles at Alton, we saw these gulls wheeling over and around the reservoir. They keep shitting all over the gates. what is amazing, though, is that one of these by-products has actually taken on the likeness of a gull itself!

Gulls at the Reservoir,Alton

Look at the marking under the third and fourth gull from the left…and tell me, doesn’t it look like a gull, beak and eye and all? Ha, self-portrait in Gull guano…!