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April 22, 2017

Should I wait
For it to be exactly six months
Since you decided
To change the plane of your existence?
Do I not remember you
Very often, never mind what date
Or day, or time it is?
When two of my friends
Had surgery recently
To remove growths
You come to mind
Whenever I lift a camera
I often see you,
Before I see the scene in front of me.
When I see good planning
And crisp execution
You slip into my thoughts.
When I laugh at jokes
I recollect how you used humour to heal yourself.
The determination that got you through so much,
The travels all over the world
The staunch affection…
You are there in every thought I have
About such things.
Time will flow past:
Six months may turn into years.
My friend, you are always here
Where it matters.
In my heart, and in my memories.


Can you believe this?!

May 7, 2011



….I too read it avidly, eager to find out who she was talking about!

It feels…unearned…and yet also feels great. Very mixed up, very happy. I am glad SOMEONE thinks so highly of me.

Thank you, from my heart, . This will see me through many downs in life!


September 28, 2007

A dear friend who read my recent post called me just to enquire why I was feeling low, and insisted I come over and spend the evening there…felt so touched and happy…I *am* incredibly lucky with my friends!

You know who you are…when you read this…thank you!