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In a lighter vein: Top establishments in India

January 21, 2014

Top 13 establishments in India…

1.Gandhi Hair Saloon.

2.Mallika Textiles.

3.Kalmadi Constructions Pvt Ltd

4.Jayalalita Fitness Club.

5.Dharmendra Dance Academy.

6.Mayawati Beauty Parlour.

7.Yamraj Travels.

8.Surdas Opticals.

9.Inzamam English Classes.

10.Salman Marriage Bureau.

11.Rakhi Satsang Kendra.

12.Manmohan Public Speaking Training Course Institute.

13.Asharaam Bapu Girls’ High School.

Suchitra Sen: beauty, talent, and haunting songs

January 17, 2014

Movie stars…are often known for their beauty, and less often, for their histrionic talent.

Suchitra Sen

had a combination of both…in the Bengali film world, she was called “mahAnAyikA” or “the great heroine” (a politically incorrect word today, but it’s more precise.) Her foray into the Hindi film world was not as successful…but she acted in some great movies, and I always associate her with some of the most lilting songs I know.
If you want to watch one of her movies, inspired by the life of Indira Gandhi, here:

Here’s a beautiful song about the eternity of love in nature…whether the person exists physically, or not:

Here’s another of my great favourites…the clip has good English subtitles:

And another one, also dealing with a relationship that has broken:

“su chitra”, literally means, “good picture”…to me, Suchitra Sen will remain the good picture of beauty and talent combined. I will not forget her.

A song from the heyday of Tamizh film music…

January 11, 2012

\Here’s a video of a lovely song, from the movie

Server Sundaram

a melodramatic tear-jerker from 1964.

It shows the prolific and prodigiously talented music director,

M S Viswanathan

(click on the wiki link to see what kind of adversity he has battled in life…it’s amazing!)

…why he is wearing a suit in the hot and humid Chennai weather is a mystery!

actually conducting the orchestra, and the equally prolific singer,

T M Soundararajan (TMS) ,

The translation of the lyrics in this video are hilarious… so are the antics of the hero and heroine….but the song illustrates the great talent in those days of Tamizh cinema, and the innovative use of western instruments.

Both Hindi and Tamil film music from this era are superb.

Another beautiful ghazal…..

April 14, 2009

Wonderful song…

tum itnA jO muskurA rahE hO
kya gham hai jiskO chhupa rahE hO

AnkhOn mEin namee, hansi labOn par
kyA hAl hai…kyA dikhA rahe hO

ban jAyEngE zehar peetE peetE
yeh ashq jO piyE jA rahE hO

jin zakhmOn kO waqt bhar chalA hai
tum kyOn unhE chhedhE jA rahE hO

rekhAOn kA khEl hai muqaddar
rekhAOn sE mAt khA rahE hO

You are smiling so much…
What sorrow are you hiding?

Moisture in your eyes, smile on your lips
What state are you in, and what state are you displaying?

They will turn to poison, as you swallow them…
These tears that you are drinking

The wounds that time has healed..
Why are you re-opening them?

Destiny is a play of lines;
You are getting defeated by them….


So often, a smile hides a tear…this is such a moving song, and so beautifully set to music, with the simple accompaniment of a guitar.

Watch the movie if you’ve not seen it. The scene where Shabana Azmi (the wife) pleads with Smita Patil (the mistress) to let her husband go…still gives me goose-bumps. What talented actresses they both are.

When the mistress pleads with the wife to sign the divorce document so that she can marry the man, the wife says, “You are longing for a relationship which can end with one signature, like this….”

Ranga Shankara once again….

June 6, 2008

Went to a great play (well, a series of narrative dramatizations actually) at Ranga Shankara this evening, it was very enjoyable and the review is at

and meanwhile, here, in MUO (My Umble Opinion, hah, gotcha there, you thought I would say IMHO, didn’t you?), is the most beautiful Hollywood actress I have seen…..this poster is up at Ranga Shankara, and I could not resist this beauty….

I could look at her forever….

Why can’t we use the words we have?

September 18, 2007

Why is it becoming “cool” to not use the words that we already have, which are gender-specific?

I have noticed for the past few years that there seem to be no more “actresses”. “Actress” seems to have taken on a slightly negative connotation; to be serious about her career, a theatre/film woman must be an “actor”. I was brought up in a world where the feminine of actor was “actress” with no connotation at all, and I slowly got used to the fact that I might not see the word any more.

And just now, I was watching an ad from Archies, promoting yet another day. (If they don’t promote all these Sister-in-Law-of-Your Second Wife Day, how will they sell all those cards?) says it’s Daughter’s Day on Sept 23…and the slogan says, My Daughter, My Hero.

Whatever happened to the perfectly valid word, “heroine”? And what bad connotation does IT have now?

Is this all supposed to be part of integrating achievement or profession-oriented words to the same gender? And if so, what’s wrong with choosing the feminine gender as default?

Well, I suppose it’s the way the language is evolving…I am waiting for the day when it will no longer be cool to call myself a woman…it will be the done thing to call myself a man….

actress, heroine, murderess, seamstress,laundress,dictatrix…bye-bye, all of you! You longer exist!