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Art in Unlikely Places….

December 10, 2008

Anonymous art can be unexpected and beautiful..

take a look at this

I wanted to crop the photograph to show only the face..but decided to keep the background in, too!

Off to Assam for several days… I know my LJ friends will pen all their most interesting, awesome and intriguing posts immediately I am off the net!

Wish me lots of luck with sightings in Kaziranga….

A spot of id’ing for you lot

November 20, 2008

I saw this close to my home.

I challenge you to id what’s being referred to here (on the last line, between ‘fan’ and ‘motor’.)

I am still rolling about loffing. So, I hope, are you, except for those who are feeling bad that I am laughing at others’ spelling skills. Indeed I am not. I am laughing at the phonetic skills that we have!

What’s this fruit called in English?

May 8, 2008

Here’s what we call “Jamun” in Hindi, and “nAga pazham” (“snake fruit”!) in Tamizh…

I liked the way the pushcart vendor has arranged them in a basket of leaves of the rubber tree. You can see part of her scales, a couple of metric weight-stones, and her pretty bangles, too.

The poster under the leaf-basket is for a local mobile phone company.

The taste of this fruit is tangy, slightly astringent on the tongue. A purple tongue always gives away one’s partiality for jamun…

Ragigudda and 9th Block, Jayanagar

May 25, 2007

And a inspired pic

September 27, 2006


Those of you who are used to shopping in gigantic malls…hold your breath. What I have pictured below is a shop; it is exactly as wide and as high as the doorway. I went during the afternoon siesta time, so I got this pic, which  belongs to the category I call the  DeepsanGeometry!


A shop in Jayanagar 9th Block market area. See the three horizontal markings on the top part of the door? Those indicate that the shopkeeper (in this case, I think it’s a tailor) is a follower of Shiva. And there are two “god” pictures on the doors too…Ganesha on your left and Lakshmi on the right.

Preparations for Varalakshmi Pooja (post for my friends and family abroad)

August 3, 2006


I *love* festival time…though I am not a great believer in rituals…I do enjoy just visiting the market and watching all the bustle!

For the first time, I was confident enough to take KM’s camera along when I went to buy flowers and fruits for tomorrow, which is Varalakshmi (Goddess of Wealth who bestows Boons) Pooja….

Pictures of the Jayanagar 9th Block market under the cut