A salute to Dr Suresh

I would like to salute someone who’s been a part of my life for 40 years (yes!) now. When my daughter was 6 months old (June or July of 1979) I was visiting Bangalore, and she had dreadful, projectile diarrhoea. My friend Shantha told me about Dr H Suresh, and I went to his clinic at Jayanagar 9th Block, and he cured her. After many years, when I moved into south Bangalore, my friend Mythreyi told me about a doctor’s clinic, and lo and behold, it was Dr Suresh!

He has been in the same spot all these years. Not for him the overarching ambition of huge growth; he is, and always has been, a family physician. He does not medicate unnecessarily, or advocate unnecessary tests or surgery. When his years of experience tell him that the matter is serious, he steps back and suggests that the patient goes to a specialist This has happened to me a few times when I have taken friends to him.

Content and happy with the living he makes, he takes off on his birthday and his wedding anniversary (his wife, Manjula, is a physician too, running a clinic at their residence). He attended my father in law, being one of the very few doctors, even then (around 2002 to 2004) who would make house visits.

He has treated us, and after they moved to Bangalore, our daughter and son in law, and our grandchildren too…a family physician in the true sense of the word, because the children are the fourth generation that he is treating. Roopa has been assisting him for quite a few years now, and I trust her as much as I trust the good doctor!

His clinic is named after his daughter, and is another reason why it rang a bell when I visited after a long gap…it’s called Deepa Clinic! A rare gem in today’s world of medicine. Blr, 070320.


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