Advice to ill friends

Learning a lot from people’s reactions. When I listen to my body and do something, I have a lot of people around telling me I shouldn’t do it or I shouldn’t have done it (eg “Why did you go to Fortis?”…I was losing blood at an alarming rate and Fortis was the first multispeciality hospital I could think of where I would be likely to find good plastic surgeons; on that count, I was right)….but when I listen to my body and don’t do something, those people never seem to notice!

I listened to both the doctor and my body, and went to Dharwad. In Dharwad, there was no doctor; I listened to my body and cut short my trip. This past weekend, I listened to both the doctor and my body, which said (quite rudely) that it was not up to going out…so I didn’t go, in spite of a lot of advice (eg. “Why don’t you try mustard oil massage? You will be OK in 2 hours.”)

I live alone, and I need to walk a lot, so I am very aware that I must take great care of myself. I will not risk chronic bad health for even a Sclater’s Monal or a Clouded Leopard running on Bannerghatta Road! Rare is the person who tells me to listen to the doctor, or to listen to my body (but yes, I have such friends too, including my daughter)…I know that those around me are very concerned…but the concern seems to show in advice on what they think I should or shouldn’t do…even if it runs counter to what the doctor says(eg “Doctors will say you can, but you shouldn’t do xyz”) .

This is my learning….I should not go around offering ill people unasked-for advice. I should just listen to them, let them know that I would like to help, and render any help that I can. Now…as soon as I am OK, bring on that Monal and that Leopard!

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