Lottie does gymnastics, 130916

Today K1’s doll-or-friend-or-whatever, Lottie, did some gymnastics. She was, apparently, the last competitor.


Here’s the gymnastic display:

Here’s a close-up of the gymnastics area. The green bed-of-nails type thing is the trampoline, but after that, the details got a bit sketchy.


As K1 says in the video, there’s no doubt who the winner was…and here’s Lottie, VERY agile as her head is turned backwards and you can see her bum!


We have backward castes in India,but forward butts!

Since my bus to Palakkad, Kerala, to celebrate Onam with my friend’s parents got cancelled because of the untoward incidents in Bangalore, I am spending the day with The Boods and it’s a joy!


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