We went to attend the Bird Marathon (so called because the total length of all the transects put together is the same as that of a marathon) at Kaiga.


is the site of one of India’s nuclear reactors, adding controversial, but much-needed, energy, to the national grid.

The Environmental Stewardship Program that Kaiga Generating Station (KGS) runs is part of an effort to prove that nuclear energy (with the proviso that it is well-managed and contained) is clean and does not pollute the environment,

On the way back from the marathon, I clicked this picture of two more kinds of energy, which we are trying to harness.


Alas, solar power in India, as well as wind power, remain rather expensive and not really viable solutions for the average householder.

I do wonder how we are going to solve our increasingly urgent power demands in the years ahead….



2 Responses to “Power…”

  1. Sudheer M Prabhu Says:

    Madam, you rightly said they both are expensive. But with ever increasing mass production scale the expenses are going to come down. Now they are sustaining only due to government’s subsidy.

    Solar has got another problem. Energy can only be produced during day time. So you need some form of storage requirement — batteries. Manufacturing & recycling of batteries has its own environmental cost. Lead as you know harmful to mankind. Entire roman empire perished due to lead which was used in their water supply system.

    Conclusion: There is no pure or clean energy in the entire world. Only way to serve environment to save energy.

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