KTB’s life, and art, goes on…

Here are some specimens of KTB’s art, and her life with her sibling, my precious Kallubhai aka The Booda..

KTB enjoyed going on the ferry at her grandparents’ home in Maine:

a bdi hmwk 050115

Here’s the famous Gateway Arch of Sat Luyis:

a sat luyis

Occasionally, instead of fighting over the same toy, they play peacefully together, according to their father.

kms stl 220215

She made these Valentines:

bdi vlntn 140215

And listed what she loved:

bdi  brthrrr 140215

I love the fact that her bruthrr features on that list!

Here’s her rendition of the calendar. I don’t know what happened to November and December!

a bdi mths

One year, I found she’d made up a song, “Hmm,hmm, I’m hunting for some eggs”, on Easter morning. So this was her rendition and description of it this year! “I love to hunt eggs while singing my Easter song”, for those of you who don’t go with Creative Spelling.)

bdi easter


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