Other things I enjoyed on the Gulakmale trip, 271214

As we climbed to the tank bund, I saw these puppies rolling around in the gutter. They were squealing and rolling around! One looked up at me curiously as I clicked.


It was very funny to see four boys trying to ride on a cycle; as they turned the bend, the chain on the cycle came off!


Loved the Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers, against the sky:


This Sampige tree had lovely blossoms:


The Marsh Glory (Ipomaeia sp.) is a plant that grows wild, but the flowers are beautiful!


I noticed these ants farming their aphids on the grass stalks.


I decided to take a close up of a beehive…it was, literally, swarming with them!


This beautfiul butterfly caught my eye.


As we returned home I took the snap of the two gopuras of the Champakadhama temple at Bannerghatta.


As we had breakfast at a darshini (Prabha Upahara) at Bannerghatta Circle, I noticed this monkey with some bright fabric. For some reason, other monkeys wanted it too, and a lively fight ensued! Talk about monkey business!


If you are sure of a meal, you can be ….certifed:


Hope you enjoyed this snippets, too!

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