Children are art

Children are…A R T.




Are exhausting,
But an eternal delight.
The moments of sweetness
That they give…
Are usually unexpected;
The laughter bursts out of us suddenly,
Our hearts melt,
And love blooms a little more.
A pair of tiny feet
Extended to don tiny shoes;
A dishevelled, tired little girl,
Off the school bus, skipping and running
Ahead of you, towards her home,
So that she can pinch your slippers
And grin at you in innocent villainy.
The light in their eyes
That cereal does not create…
…Only lollipops do.
Sudden words (or sounds that resemble words)
Bring sudden blossoms of pure delight.
They make all the fuss
And the hard work worthwhile.
Children delight us
Because they are little parcels…of us.



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