Hatworks Boulevard, Cunningham Road, Bangalore, 140414

Since my friend Uma is shortly to relocate, we decided to meet up and do some gallivanting as well, and almost at random, wound up at

Hatworks Boulevard

Here’s the bungalow, with a vintage car to go with it (it’s a Morris Minor):


Imagine the innocence of the days when that was the height of a surrounding wall!

Here are my friends, in the yard of the beautiful bungalow:



One of the ladies working in a plant shop helped us with the photos:


The windows are old-style; a glass shutter inside and a wooden one outside.



Here’s the detail of the building, and the old way of having large trees shading the structure:


The beauty of the “monkey-top”, an ornamentation typical of Old Bangalore:


Alas, the only way these bungalows can be maintained, apparently, is by cutting them up into business establishments.


The mosaic tiles were so beautiful:


I could not gauge if this porch ornamentation was recent or old


I found this old mechanical gadget on display:


The beautiful teak cabinet in which it was:


Beauty often resides in the warmth of the smile.


All of us had a great time wandering through the old building, and came back to the present with some yummy street food…a great evening, spent with some great friends.

For more photos of the evening, including the first school for “native” women in Bangalore,

click here

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