Black wings…and ruby eyes, 271213, Hosakote




used to be known as the Black-shouldered Kite, which I think is a better description…but the ornithologists have their own litte ways..Oh well, more about that later, I just want to talk about ruby eyes!


Here’s what the wiki says about bird’s eyes, and red eyes, specifically.


Some bird groups have specific modifications to their visual system linked to their way of life


Birds of prey have a very high density of receptors and other adaptations that maximise visual acuity.


The placement of their eyes gives them good binocular vision enabling accurate judgement of distances. Nocturnal species have tubular eyes, low numbers of colour detectors, but a high density of rod cells which function well in poor light.Some birds have red or yellow oil drops in the colour receptors to improve distance vision especially in hazy conditions.


So…now that I know the facts…I can give myself up to just the wonder of those sharp gem-like eyes of birds such as these!

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2 Responses to “Black wings…and ruby eyes, 271213, Hosakote”

  1. Badri Says:

    Nice post. A very neatly turned out bird, the black shouldered kite. Never noticed the intensity of the red in its eyes before. And nice pics to bring this home.

  2. deponti Says:

    Yes…such a beauty…we were lost in admiration! We were lucky to have two land not too far away.

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