A quiet, happy, peaceful, hard-working morning

I decided to make mooli (radish) parathas. Ofkose I didn’t photograph most of the donkey work…the grating of the mooli, the mixing with the spices, the draining of the mooli water, the kneading of the dough, and the rolling out the parathas…I’ve just photographed the parathas being cooked on the tava, with oil and a touch of ghee (lower that cholesterol!)

DSC06363  200813 mli prtha

The paratha-making task was considerably lightened by the appearance of Ms Northern Cardinal, in the Japanese Maple outside the window…

DSC06362 1 ms crdnl  200813 stl

I timed my work very well…just as I finished, two beady eyes peeped at me after the morning nap…

DSC06364 bda 200813

Just finished feeding him his rice and vegetables (a task that needs an octopus’ number of arms)…and he’s playing again, cooing like a demented pigeon, while I make this entry…I’m lucky to have such simple joys of life.


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