Nature Trail at Lost Valley and Busch Conservation Area

Devin Peipert picked me up at 5.15am this morning, and we went to the Lost Valley:

DSC03627 lost valley sign  lost valley 200713

On the way, dawn was lovely:

DSC03623 morning sky  lost valley 200713

We crossed the Missouri river:

DSC03621 missri bridge 200713

The trail looked green, cool and inviting:

DSC03633 path  lost valley 200713

We walked around, using our binocs:

DSC03631 devin on path  lost valley 200713

We saw many wildflowers:


DSC03632 bl eyed susan  lost valley 200713

un id wldflwr  busch 200713

DSC03666 yellow wldflwr  busch 200713

This one seems to be of the Begonacae sp, common in India, too:

DSC03636 begonia sp  busch 200713

This was a “regular” mushroom:

DSC03673 rnd mushrm  busch 200713

and this was a conch-shaped mushroom that I’ve never seen before.

DSC03672 shell mshrm  busch 200713

I made Devin put his hand next to it for scale:

DSC03671 shell mshrm hand size  busch 200713

Some berries (blackberries? I don’t know) caught our attention:

DSC03667 berries,  busch 200713

DSC03659 wld flwr  busch 200713

The Thistle may be a common weed, but it’s so beautiful!

DSC03662 thistle bud,  busch 200713

We saw several


and I caught this one:

DSC03665 drgnfly  busch 200713

The woody vines looked beautiful:

DSC03635 liana lost valley 200713

This was the only (lousy) shot of the


that I got, far away in the heavy foliage:

DSC03658 acadian flycthr  busch 200713



foraged along the path,but were quickly driven away by hikers:

hermit thrsh  busch 200713

We watched a few


foraging, and I got a quick video of the “turning-the-page” action:

As we came out, an


sat on the wire to bid us goodbye:

DSC03681 indigo bunting   busch 200713

We then went to the Busch Conservation Area:

DSC03692 busch sign 200713

The water body, full of yellow lotuses, was a sight for sore eyes…

DSC03708 8 fld of ylw lotus yellow lotus,  busch 200713

3 yellow lotus,  busch 200713

On some of them,


were feeding; this is behaviour I’d not seen before.

A small (probably DOWNY) woodpecker was doing the same on the lotus blossoms!

On a tree branch (an unusual perch, Devin says) sat a

BROWN THRASHER (the state bird of Georgia):1


Here’s Devin, talking to Those At Home:

DSC03749 devin, ds, home 200713

And enjoying some masala chai:

DSC03746 3  devin, ds, home 200713

It might not have rained bird-sightings, but it was a most enjoyable morning!

For the photos on my FB album,

click here


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