The sleeping angel

Throughout the evening, after she returned from daycare, she troubled me. Didn’t want to wash her hands or feet…didn’t want to start, or finish, her dinner…kept pushing me to see how far I’d go…I was exhausted by the time her father took her upstairs to brush her teeth and go to sleep. Between her and her baby brother, the noise level was enormous, too…

A while later, I went upstairs, My heart melted to see a little angel, fast asleep, with a toy bear clutched tightly…oh, my lovely little one, you can push me to the limits, but there are no limits to my love for you…



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One Response to “The sleeping angel”

  1. Veena Says:

    Dear Deepa – this photo reminds me of Gayatri – she would look like this when asleep – after all the ruckus and racket created by her during her walking hours !

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