One creeper is enough for…

One creeper’s enough for several insects, as I found when I looked.

jwl bg 170911 kglpra photo IMG_5597.jpg

Here is the small-flowered, pretty little creeper.


(I could take a few shots because the baby was asleep-er.)

I found, of course, the smaller bees.

DSC03595 bee stl 190713

DSC03593 2 bee stl 190713 mouth

I also found these larger one…chests yellow as cheese.



There was this bee with bands of blue.


A Cotton Stainer Bug, too:

DSC03587 cs bug stl 190713


A Common Buckeye, been in wars, too.




Even a tiny Hairstreak for you…


Even the common but beautiful fly:



I look carefully at creepers…now you know why!



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4 Responses to “One creeper is enough for…”

  1. chbo1 Says:

    Amazing photos on your blog! We would love to have you as an author on our blog wildlifehub ( Please check out our about page for more information and email

    • deponti Says:

      Thank you, I’d like to learn more.

      • chbo1 Says:

        Just post one or more photos per week (I understand if you need to post less). Its very simple. If this sounds good I will add you as an author.

      • chbo1 Says:

        Its pretty simple really. All you have to do is post a minimum of one photo per week and use the tags: nature, wildlife, travel, photography and any other ones that fit. You will retain full copyright on the photos you post.

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