Science of the Circus Symphony birding!

That subject title needs a lot of explanation 🙂

I had gone to see the Science of the Circus, organized by Academy of Science, St.Louis, at the Centene Hall. I went up to the 4th floor, and went out to the terrace to look at the view. My attention was caught by an obvious raptor shape in the sky.


It was a Red-tailed Hawk (if I see a bird often enough, even I can recognize it!)…and I watched as it flew in widening circles.


As it passed high overhead, I kept clicking.


The next time it passed overhead, it went into dive mode…and swooped like a screaming bomber. However, it seemed to miss whatever prey it was going for.


The bird braked, and flew up to land on this pole.


From the pole, it looked down.


As I looked on, it flew off. I saw it again in the sky, being mobbbed by Robins and Starlings.


The other birds feared for themselves, and mobbed the Red-tailed Hawk.


The Red-tailed Hawk being mobbed by other birds.


I finished attending the event, and came to the bus stop to take the bus home. I looked at the majesty of the Powell Hall ( home of St.Louis Symphony Orchestra)…and lo and behold, the bird came to land there!


The Red-tailed Hawk landed on the side of Powell Hall, and looked around…there was going to be no lunch symphony.


I was riveted by it, and glad of the high zoom on my camera! The Red-tailed Hawk ruffled its feathers.


The bird seemed in keeping with the majesty of both the building and the music created inside it!


It was by sheer coincidence that I spotted the prey, too, lying dead on the sidewalk…this dead Robin.


The Hawk then flew off, and my bus arrived… so ….now you know why I call it the Science of the Circus Symphony birding!



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