Home birding

When housebound, taking care of a little baby, one can still enjoy a fair amount of bird-watching!

This morning, a family of


delighted me. Here’s the mother:

12 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06844.jpg

Try as I could, I could never get her and her three children in one frame. Here’s one of the babies:

14 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06847-1.jpg

I’d seen this family earlier in the conservancy lane that runs parallel to our road; but today, they were foraging for food in the grassy, empty lot opposite. I managed to get this shot of the mother and two of the chicks:

16 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06850-1.jpg

Here’s one of the chicks, running to Mommy after exploring a bit…

17 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06853-1.jpg

You can see the mother looking out for the little one to the right:

15 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06849.jpg

Here’s another of the chicks:

13 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06845.jpg

He was too adventurous, and seemed to be getting further11 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06843-1.jpg and further away down the road from the others; his mother kept calling to him!

Here are the two obedient ones, a study in horizontal lines:

4 kldr stl 140513 photo DSC06835-1.jpg

It was great fun watching them.


are named that, apparently, after their call; but the calls I heard the mother and the babies making today didn’t sound anything like it!

While this was going on, some


flew around, and one settled on the Japanese Maple and started trying her various calls. Two


flew in, green-blue feathers shining, and pecked at the worms in the grass. Two


had a massive, roll-over-each-other fight in our driveway, over some nesting material; they had separated before I could get my camera. And four


came in to try and see if they could nest in the Arbor vitae bushes next to the front porch, and the


couple also came visiting. So..quite a variety of visitors, I decided I’d photograph only the Kildeer…but photographing these fast-scuttling birds across the road wasn’t easy!


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