Trash Bash, Confluence of the Mississippi/Missouri Rivers, 230313

Ruth Hartsell kindly took me along to the Trash Bash at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers…

click here for details about the event

Here’s a map to the area:

2 tent rash bash 230313 photo DSC02018-1.jpg

We started at the Old Chain of Rocks bridge:

4 bridge rash bash 230313 photo DSC02021.jpg

It’s a long bridge!

illinois 1 m rash bash 230313 photo DSC02023-1.jpg

Here I am with Kenny Hartsell, Ruth’s son…

me and kenny rash bash 230313 photo DSC02033.jpg

The clean-up was organized by RiverRelief, and they had number plates to match!

rvr rlf rash bash 230313 photo DSC02058-1.jpg

It was very hard work (first of all, trying to balance between the dead tree branches and the rocks, with slippery mud and steep banks!), but we found some interesting stuff, like these mussels:

smile mussels rash bash 230313 photo DSC02043.jpg

Others apparently found even more interesting stuff in the trash that they cleared (there was a prize for the most interesting object!)…

trash bonanza rash bash 230313 photo DSC02063-1.jpg

We were given lunch at the end of the clean-up:

lunch ag photo DSC02064-1.jpg

I then walked with Ruth and Kenny down the bridge (which takes a turn halfway down), to the Illinois side, and then back to Missouri, looking at the landmarks of downtown Missouri:

skyline rash bash 230313 photo DSC02068-1.jpg

There was a line of gulls visible under the newer bridge (the bridge we were on is now only for pedestrians and cyclists. Can we imagine, one day, something like this happening in Bangalore?)

gulls rash bash 230313 photo DSC02123.jpg

We spent a little time watching a large group of American Pelicans on the way back:

2 pelicans trash bash 230313 photo DSC02143.jpg

They use some excellent detergent…none of the mud of the Mississippi sticks to them!

3 pelicans trash bash 230313 photo DSC02146.jpg

However, they lifted off, and I reluctantly left the spot:

5 take off pelicans trash bash 230313 photo DSC02156.jpg

For more photographs,

click here

Thank you, Ruth, for a very, very enjoyable morning!

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