Simple and ornate…

I’ve been recently seeing pictures of several places of worship…all of them very ornate and fancy, indeed. (The latest being a very grand Gurdwara in Dubai..

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I thought of something different when I saw all this finery. I find it somewhat problematic that when the seers and the prophets are themselves simple people, we seem to want such opulence in revering them, and the amount of gold and money spent on a place of worship seems so important to us. I’ve often heard the comment in the temple…”Look at that crown of diamonds, it cost X crore rupees!”, “Don’t forget to see the golden kalashas!” and so on…so it’s there in every religion. I often think that if Christ were to come, in his poor carpenter’s garb, or bleeding from the cross, He would not be admitted to any of the grand churches…if Rama came to one of his temples in the apparel of tree-bark that he wore during his exile in the forest, he would be turned away….

To me, Mother Teresa’s home in Calcutta, where she lovingly tended to lepers and the terminally ill…is more of a temple to God.

I expressed the same thoughts, when I visited the Shirdi Sai Baba temple,


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2 Responses to “Simple and ornate…”

  1. Veena Says:

    I think today people love luxury and opulence and hence do not connect to seers/godmen who preach or practise austerity/simplicity/renunciation. They love meditation camps conducted on a cruise, bhajan camps in destinations etc ! But the postive side of this trend is that simple worship places (like the Renukamba temple near South End or Patamma temple) are crowd free 🙂 Sometimes when i go there I have the temple all to myself…

  2. Veena Says:

    Moreover the value of the crown/gold donated to temples would have cleared the salary dues of all the KF employees – if the authorities had the guts to not accept them

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