Lone Elk Park, and Forest Park, 090213

After visiting the temple, Anjana acceded to my request to drive through Lone Elk Park (more than that was not possible, given a 12-day-old baby in the car, and the cold weather), and it was a good drive…as we were able to see


Elk fawn 090213 stl photo DSC00595.jpg

(that one’s a calf, there were many, and I clicked a few!)

the endangered


bison two 090213 stl photo DSC00630.jpg


wht tld dr fawn 090213 stl photo DSC00619.jpg

….and one very cute squirrel!

orange tled squl 090213 stl photo DSC00612.jpg

The Elk calves were, like all babies, very cute:

090213 elk fawn close 090213 stl photo DSC00606.jpg

We passed several Bison, in the age-old landscape:

bison 090213 stl photo DSC00628.jpg

Doe-eyed describes the deer very well…

fawn eyes 090213 stl photo DSC00624.jpg

I then got off at Forest Park, to see Charles and Sarah, the


charles 090213 stl photo DSC00643.jpg

I watched both of them for a while, along with Mark, Brenda and others. The owls have, apparently, stashed some food in a hollow in this tree…

sarah 090213 stl photo DSC00660-1.jpg

Mark showed me a ceramic replica of an owl’s egg:

ceramic egg 090213 stl photo DSC00650.jpg

I walked back in the dark, well satisfied with the day!

des peres bridge 090213 stl photo DSC00671.jpg

For more photos from the park and Forest Park,

click here to see my Facebook album


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