Nature seems to provide such a variety of housing options for Her children! We have all seen the twiggy nests of Crows and Kites in our cities, but let’s look at some other creatures’ homes, too…

Here are two Paper Wasps, beginning the construction of their nest (yes, it is a kind of papery material, hence their name).

wsps bgn nest 201012

When they finish, the wasps’ nest looks like this…so beautiful, with its crescent-shaped patterns. However, do not approach too close, for fear of being stung!

wsps nest 171012  cbn pk

Several birds do much more than stack twigs together; one of the most famous is the Baya Weaver. They make beautifully engineered nests.

wvrbdnst bgkglpr 190912

Here is a male Baya Weaver (it’s the males who build the nest…the females inspect them, and if they are not good enough, they don’t accept!) weaving the nest expertly:

wvrbd on nst 190912 bgkglpra

Another very common bird is the Tailorbird. When you see the nest of a Tailorbird, it’s obvious why it’s called that. Can you see the neat “stitching” of the leaf and the nest material, in this photograph?

tlrbd nst 190912 bgkglpra

Here are two Grey Tits (I often see them in the Bannerghatta zoo area)…these two are actually checking out an old “junction box” left by humans, to see if it is fit to nest in! So what we leave behind is sometimes useful to birds, too.

grt tits 211012 3rd Sun indluwadi

Even the most “fearsome” of creatures need the protection of a nest, sometimes. Here is the nest of an Indian Tarantula….females which have just-hatched eggs spin this “silk screen” in front of their holes, to prevent predators such as wasps and ants from coming in!

trntla ggudi 251012


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