Mating and metamorphosis

mlpds mting 201012 arf

With two million legs
Love can be complicated.
But one million legs
Travel over the ground
To find the other million…
Together, the millipedes curl up
In a paisley of love.
They blend into each other’s curves
In that conch-shape embrace:
Watching them, I wonder…
Perhaps some of those legs are arms
That hold each other close?

common crow 201012 arf

Surely the most mysterious
Transformation of all…
When a worm turns into a shining case
From which emerges, wondrously,
A delicate creature of colour, and air.
Here’s the metallic sheen
Of a pupa, in which
The body, head and wings
Are developing.
Given the beauty of the pupa,
Isn’t it ironic
That what will emerge from it
Is going to be a butterfly
That’s called the Common Crow?

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