A wonderful daughter…

My daughter works, very hard, for Asha For Education….and she trains a fresh batch of runners each time, for the half-marathons. Once in a while, she gets an email like this:

“I didnt have a chance to say this before but we owe you big time. Usually during the weekend runs before the run we are just trying to wake up and prepare for the run and after the run we are way too tired and start wining but if not for you I am not sure if we would have come so far. I am pretty sure we gave you hard time. Showing up late, not downloading the route, getting lost, wining and what not. We must have effortlessly pissed you off but you were there not willing to give up on us. I dont know about others but that resilient quality of yours left a really lasting impression on me. Whenever my body starts complaining about the run I keep thinking the lady is pregnant and doing this and what am I complaining about? You are a real inspiration.
“You kept your promise and we will keep ours. We will not let you down.

“Looking forward for the run,

I am so lucky to have such an amazing daughter! :))))))))


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