Beginnings and endings

Dawn approaches.
But there is dusk in my heart.
More than three decades later,
We are moving apart.

No…perhaps we moved
Away from each other
Long ago…we are not spouses:
Just Father, and Mother.

When the bonds of a marriage
Dissolve, and break…
Acceptance and maturity
Are wise ways to take.

I’d like to disprove the general rule
That we can no longer be friends.
We can care for, and like each other
Even when our marriage ends.

Dawn colours the sky.
It lights my heart, too.
I may not know what we face..
At least, despair’s not in view.


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4 Responses to “Beginnings and endings”

  1. kvdsampath Says:

    find it difficult to comment..very sane way of looking at life by the protagonist

  2. deponti Says:

    Acceptance is a good way to go 🙂

  3. Vishwanath Maralingannavar Says:

    I was browsing around the tag ‘poetry’, This post is hard to conceive. Each line Speak volumes.

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