Developing means of communication

!. Communication in the line of sight or hearing. Sign language, speech.
2. Communication beyond the line of sight or hearing. Written language.
3. Communication, instantly, by aural means,beyond the line of sight. Telegraph, telephone.
4. Communication, instantly, by aural and visual means, beyond immediate sight or hearing, only one way. Television.
5. Communication, instantly, as above, and conversation across the world. Internet, email.
6. Communication, and conversation, as above, with photographs. Attachments, digital images, video/audio phone networks.
7. Communication, and conversation as above. Blogs.
8. Communication, and conversation, on a wider platform. Social networking sites.

I joined the cyber world during the time of email, and became an enthusiastic blogger; I still keep that up, but all the discussions, comments, debates and arguments that used to take place on the blogs, have all shifted to Facebook. No doubt I will soon have to learn another form of instant communication with the world at large….

I wonder what the next step will be?


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