This post contains Sol

4  sunset memphis 180612

and that is all.

3  sunset memphis 180612

Filling the West with light

2  sunset memphis 180612

It’s a delightful sight.

1  sunset memphis 180612

The fire increases

7  sunset memphis 180612

Then slowly decreases.

6  sunset memphis 180612

Yes, it’s only the sun…

5  sunset memphis 180612

And now the day is done!

180612 sunset

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5 Responses to “Suryaasthamana”

  1. Kerry Goncalves Says:

    *sigh* thank you for sharing. Glorious shots.

  2. Veena Bhat Says:

    ah its soooo very beautiful that I kept looking at it šŸ™‚ Finally bought my SX40 yesterday šŸ™‚ Thank you – for the ‘aam’ admi insights as well for blogging with beautiful photos – that inspired me to explore.
    Deepa, one more clarification – when we travel by air in India – how do I take my camera (with the battery)?? Can i take it as hand luggage along with the battery or do i have to put the battery in the checked in baggage ?? Please let me know.

    Warm regards


  3. deponti Says:

    You can carry the camera with the battery….I use it all the time, on flights, in the airports! Congrats on the new camera, and have fun with it! Looking forward to your pics.

  4. Veena Bhat Says:

    Thanks so much – I am enjoying the experience šŸ™‚

  5. deponti Says:

    Pictures! Veena, where are your pictures, I want to see them!

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