Polyglot English: my prediction

My friend Saritha Rai writes in the New York Times:

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The first comment is wonderful, and, I suspect, written deliberately in pigdin English to underscore the commenter’s point!

My response to this:

Languages evolve, and routinely, some disappear. Where is Pali? Hebrew? or any of the other tongues that we do not even know of? People communicated with each other through whistling across the hillsides, I learnt once.

I feel that English itself is evolving into a series of local dialects; as it is now, we can hardly understand the language as spoken in Fiji, or Singapore, or South Africa…or for that matter, the English between, say, Punjab and Tamil Nadu varies so widely.

So…I feel that instead of a polyglot Babel, we will have polyglot English….and since I am not going to be around to find out….I am OK with the process of evolution! How else would you and I communicate, dear reader, when some of you speak Swedish, Punjabi, French, and other languages I don’t even know of?


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