To breathe better…

Overlooking facts and hoping for the best is a human trait….both D and A have breathing difficulties, and, indeed, A could never live far away from her inhaler, when she was in Bangalore. But of course, I was hoping that KTB would not develop any breathing issues….well, reality supervened, and they had to take her to the doctors’ to help her breathe a bit better.


She’s having albutrol to help her breathe easier.

It was heart-wrenching to see this photo, until I thought of the children whose health is far worse than just an attack of asthma…that helped me put it in perspective, and today, on G video chat, I was able to laugh and talk to a perfectly-normal (except for the occasional cough) grand-daughter.

Parents bring up their children through gadzillion tense moments like these….a healthy and happy child is nothing short of a series of miracles!

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One Response to “To breathe better…”

  1. chiddu2k Says:

    I disagree, seriously disagree. If we don’t keep putting dangerous substances like vaccines containing dangerous carcinogens and allergens, and that too a ton of them, apart from other regular medication, children don’t become so fragile.
    I live in Bangalore too, I am asthmatic, but its been a while since I had difficulty breathing.
    Both my parents were asthmatic and died due to respiratory diseases.
    My mother had 9 siblings, all suffered from hereditary asthma. 3 of them survive today.
    I have a deviated septum, so I need to breathe through my mouth, giving allergens a better chance of entering my bronchii/lungs.
    My son has inherited this condition from me.

    Is he asthmatic? No , he is not.
    Can he breathe solely through his nose. No, he can’t
    Is he vaccinated. No, definitely not.
    Medicated. Once, antibiotics for a root canal.
    Exposure. – No issues here,I happily take him out at 10 in the night on a cold winter if he wishes to come. I happily let him indulge in an ice-cream at such a time as well.

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