The moon….

When I was about to go to my tent at JLR Bannerghatta, I looked up at the full moon, serenely riding the night skies.

And the next night, when I looked out of my balcony, the moon was rising, still looking full:

fll mn 100112

Having taken a zoom shot, I got the moon through the palm fronds:

mn palm 100112


is my entry about the moon, some time ago. I promised that I would post the Tamizh film song about the moon….alas, I cannot find the original video anywhere on Youtube. The only video which has the original soundtrack does not give me a URL to post….can someone help me? The song is “andru vanthathum athE nilA”.

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2 Responses to “The moon….”

  1. Hari Menon Says:

    I believe there’s a ‘happy’ and a ‘sad’ version of this song. I have it in MP3 format but in a laptop that’s not with me at the moment. 😦

    I first heard this song over a decade ago when Sun TV would play old Tamil hits after 11 pm. It was how I got to know of Kannadasan, Valli, TMS et al. Sadly I think Sun stopped telecasting old songs at night in favour of ‘latest hits’ (which I mostly don’t care for).

    • deponti Says:

      You’re right about the two versions. But Hari, Jaya Music channel airs old Tamil songs from 8am to 9am every morning, and Jaya TV airs “thEn kiNNam”, with a guest compere on Monday, requests on Tuesday, information about the songs on Wednesday, a theme on Thursday….every morning from 9am to 10 am and repeats from 11pm to midnight…you could tape it and watch it. I get a lot of information about the various old hit songs, and some beautiful songs are’s also great fun to watch heroes looking like well-fermented iddlis, pretending to be college boys and running behind even more well-padded heroines whose pointed bosoms stick out straight from their shoulder-blades….

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