At the Supermarket, 260911

Obviously, I haven’t got too many images of GD to share, since I came back…but I just got a lovely one of her, with her special-sized trolley, at the store (I’d say this was Trader Joe’s)….

boodi wtng in line 260911

I suspect that soon DnA will teach her to cycle, and then she will be doing all the family shopping while she is at the daycare….

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3 Responses to “At the Supermarket, 260911”

  1. chiddu2k Says:

    I hope she learns to ride and do all her shopping on a bike!

  2. deponti Says:

    Considering that her parents cycle (father did the 175 mile ride recently) this seems more than likely. She’s already got her first tricycle…good beginning towards being a “spokesperson”!

  3. deponti Says:

    Also her dad has two large panniers and regularly does the grocery shopping on the cycle.

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