Hike in the Lake of the Ozarks, 300511

On our last day at the Lake of the Ozarks, Memorial Day, we decided to go on a short hike…the hike had to be short because of two reasons….several things (including a very late night the previous evening!) made a very late start, and it was rather hot and humid.

On the way, from the car,when we looked down, we spotted some turtles:

trtls loz 300511

When we looked up, we spotted some


trky vltr 300511

The bluffs on the way had been graded to enable the roads to be built:

bluffs 300511

We stopped at the Lake of the Ozarks National Park:

loz st pk sgn 300511

We decided to go to the stables there, and take the trail.

stbls 300511

We saw a tepee, rather bedraggled:

tepee loz 300511

We walked a short while on this trail, but all we seemed to be doing was to avoid horse poop, and the dug-up path that the horses’ hooves had left; so we decided to try another trail instead. This made us later still, and we opted for the shortest rrail possible, the Lake View Bend Trail:

lk vw bnd trl 300511 loz

Alas, it was bird siesta time, and by the time I did see some birds in the trees on our way back, it was very late, and I had to walk really fast, so there was no bird photography at all! But as it was, I dallied to photograph some mushrooms:

crscnt mshrm 300511 loz

mshrom 300511 loz

I got to photograph only one butterfly, but there were several more that were, alas, in “flitting” mode and which I could not follow!

un id b'fly 300511 loz

Several wildflowers rewarded our walk (though there was a good breeze, it was still a humid and rather uncomfortable affair, and we were getting really hungry!

blue wildflwr 300511 loz

thrny wldflwr 300511

wldflwr 5-ptl 300511 loz

crwn flwr 300511

It was lovely to see this bed of green:

clover loz 300511

Even when we went to Jefferson City later in the evening, on our way home, there were some lovely flowers to see:

jfrsn city flwr 300511

mauve adukk flwr 300511

As we walked around, I spotted this beautiful dragonfly, which looked rather like our Pied Paddyfield Skimmer back home:

pied dgnfly 300511

Right up on the Capitol building, I spotted a


hsfinch captil jfrson city 300511

and a baby


lolloped by:

ctntl rbt jfrsn city 300511

On the trail, of course, were the mammals dearest to me….here they are, resting briefly at the lakeshore:

mdak near lake 300511 loz

You can see them through the shade of the trees:

loz mdak 300511 hike wds

It was quite an enjoyable hike, though it certainly delayed us quite badly on our trip home!

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