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As proud as a ….no, as two…..

March 25, 2011

pccks chmbl 270111

What do peacocks themselves
Think of the way humans dress?
We’ll have to guess at thoughts
That they cannot express…

Do they think, I wonder,
That coloured clothes are over-rated?
Or do they, on the other hand
Think them under-stated?

What do they feel
When their own tails fall off?
Do they pursue their romances
Or think that they’ll call off?

Are they proud as peacocks
When they can flaunt their tails?
Does their pride take a beating
When the feather-train falls off, and fails?

Or are the peacocks wiser than us?
Do they know that a really good person
Is about being good, not looking good…
That beauty can spoil, and ugliness worsen?


March 25, 2011

Architecture….can be just solid oblongs of colour…

clrful hses mathigiri 180311

Sometimes it can be lovely, traditional architecture (this was in Mathigiri)

nice house mathigiri 180311

Sometimes, it’s recycled (those planks are from the sides of a lorry…look at the destinations!)

recycled doors 180311 mthigiri

Sometimes, it’s MY home:

casa ansl 230311

Sometimes it’s a pink-and-blue castle:

castle jigni rd 081210

But sometimes, we can’t “leaf” architecture alone, but have to photograph it while it is under construction!

clcking the ants 190311

Never trust a cricketer….

March 24, 2011


Come all ye fair young maidens and harken unto me,
Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be.
Randier than a sailor who’s been six months at sea,
Never let a cricketer’s hand an inch above your knee.
First let’s take the paceman, pure speed from first to last!
My darlings do be careful; his balls are hard and fast.
Then there’s the medium pacer, his balls swing either way;
He’s really most persistent and can keep it up all day!
And watch for the off-spinner, girls, another awkward chap.
If you leave him half an opening, he will slip one through the gap!
Then there’s the wily ‘slowy’, pure cunning is his strength;
He’ll tempt you, then he’ll trap you with his very subtle length.
So ladies, do be careful, your mothers would agree.
Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be.
And what about the opening bat, his struggles never cease!
He has only one ambition, to spend all day at the crease.
The number three is a dasher, he seldom prods and pokes.
When he goes into action, he has a fine array of strokes.
And do beware the slogger, not content with one or two;
When he arrives at the crease then only six will do.
Then there’s the real stonewaller, girls, he knows what he’s about;
And if you let him settle in, it’s hard to get him out!
We come now to the last man, I hope this will not shock,
He doesn’t mind if he’s last man in, as long as he gets a knock.
So, darlings, do be careful, and be well warned by me:
Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be.
And watch the wicketkeeper, girls, he’s full of flair and dash;
And if you raise your heel, he’ll whip them off in a flash.
If you take the field with the captain, you had better know the score;
Or he’ll have you in positions that you never knew before!
The cricket commentator is a nasty sort of bloke,
He watches all the action and describes it stroke by stroke.
Even the kindly umpire, who looks friendly as a pup;
You’ll quickly find you’ve had it, when he puts his finger up!
So, darlings, please remember and repeat it after me:


Inserts in Newspapers…

March 22, 2011

Every morning when we open our newspapers, they scatter like an autumnal leaf-fall …the little pamphlets that advertise all sorts of products and services.

nwsppr insrts 180311

It is much cheaper for the advertisers to pay for such insertions in the paper, rather than pay for advertisements in the paper itself, which may also be missed out by the less-attentive page-turner! But alas, I have a mental block towards these ad-pamphlets, because they usually provide services that I am not interested in, and also, the putting in of these tracts by the newspaper agent occupies time, and delays the delivery of my newspapers. And since I buy more than one newspaper, I get multiple copies of the junk.

This photo shows advertisements for two educational programs and sale of silk sarees….there could be ads for laundry, pest control, taxi services, grocery stores, and of course, fast food….!

I think it’s such a waste of paper….

Sun Kola!

March 22, 2011

While we were waiting interminably (3pm to 5.30pm!) for a bus from Dadigal village to Denkanikotta on Saturday, Geetanjali decided to try out a “local” drink…

sun kola 190311

Notice how proudly the bottle announces that it is a “product of the Coca Cola company”…I doubt very much if Coca Cola have ever heard of Sun Kola!

Kola (koLA) in Kannada also means pond….so…a sun pond…well, it tasted of grapes, and did quench the thirst for a while, I guess!

Old Movie Songs…watching them on Youtube

March 22, 2011

I know that it is the lovely music that makes me go to Youtube to revisit old hits….but since I was (and am not) a regular movie-goer, I’d never seen most of the movies that these songs are from, and so I also like to see the visual part of the song.

Sometimes, the stunning beauty of the actresses (I refuse to call them actors) is lovely to watch…Sharmila Tagore in “Tareef karoon ka uski”, Waheeda in “Chaudvin ka chand” are two examples that come to mind.

But more often, it’s a study in contrasts….because I’ve seen some movie where the actor or actress has acted, many years later…and it’s funny to watch, say, Dev Anand or Rajanikant when they had hair….Savitri when she had waist….and when all of them had only one chin each.

On the minus side, it shows me how fleeting physical beauty is, and on the plus side, I marvel at the staying power of some of our movie stars…Rajni, for example, is going great guns, wig and all!

Another thing I love to see is the fashions of yesteryear….mostly (especially in the matter of trouser widths and shirt collars!) ridiculous, but sometimes, quite timeless and lovely. I notice that even as recently as fifteen years ago, actresses only wore sarees in song sequences….it’s almost impossible to see the saree now on a young star…or even a salwar kameez.

I’ve been putting various clips on my Facebook page, and I find that I get a lot of interesting information, too.

Here’s a sample of a song I love:

Some more signboards…

March 21, 2011

On our way around Mathigiri,and Denkanikotta, I spotted a lot of interesting stuff….

Not only are some people willing to arrange your wedding for you, they are also willing to keep your marriage going, so if you want a marriage designer…

marriage designer 190311

Would you like a word for your milk?

flaword milk 190311

I never got to finding out how they parcel tea and coffee:

parcel  tea dkotta 190311

Once again, I marvelled at the need to put up news of marriages and deaths on the public highway:

dth pster 190311

Finally, here’s a god that most of us propitiate regularly:

tv ka god athibele 180311

Having an MLC is an undiluted delight!

Shooting of a movie…

March 18, 2011

Yesterday, at the mall near my home, I watched the dance sequences of a movie being shot…all through the day.

You can see some of the artistes in costume in the centre of the crowd:

dance artistes 170311

Everything was being recorded…

camera gpln mll 170311

Here are some of the artistes, dancing on cue:

You can hear my maid Lakshmi and my neighbour Pallavi exchanging observations!

For some reason, animal balloons formed a large part of the sequences:

blns gpln ml 170311

Several were released in the evening…here’s a tiger floating past!

flyng tgr bln 170311

The women artistes were accompanied by family members, who waited through the day:

artst[s moms 170311

Here’s the van in which a lot of the props and equipment was stored…

poorNimA hOrAngaNa chitreekaraNa ghatike

The sign on the side of the van says, “PoorNimA hOrangaNa chitreekaraNa ghatikE”. (Poornima Outdoor Movie-making Unit).

What movie? Will this scene make it to the theatres, or end up on the cutting-room floor? Who knows!

Some of the flowering trees of Bangalore…

March 17, 2011

As you go around the city, don’t forget to see the flowers of spring and summer, in all their glory… they are:

Schefflera actinophylla or
Brassaia actinophylla, the Rain Tree:

backlit rain tree flower bg 280209

Tabebuia argentea (or Tacoma argentea), the Golden Bell or Trumpet:

tabebuia argentea

Couroupita guianensis, the Cannonball tree (Nagalinga):

nAgallinga marA

The flower has a faint and lovely smell:

Cannonball(Couroupita guianensis)

Milletia ovalifolia, Moulmein Rosewood:

Milletia ovalifolia (Moulmein Rosewood)

Grevillea robusta, Silver Oak:

silver oak 150311

Ceiba pentandra, a variety of Silk-Cotton:

ceiba pentandra 150311

In this tree,the silk-cotton has burst through the pods:

slk ctn pds brst 130311

This one’s the flower of the Bombax (or Ceiba) malabaricum:

bombax malabaricum flower

Kigelia pinnata, the Sausage tree:

The flowers and leaves look like this:

sausage tree flowers on stalks

and the fruits look like this:

sausage tree fruits

Anthocephalus cadamba, the Kadamba:

kadamba flower with bee Anthocephalus cadamba and Nauclea cadamba of the Rubiaceae family

Cassia fistula, the Indian Laburnum, or Golden Shower :

indian laburnum in flower

Butea monosperma , the Flame of the Forest (Palash):

Palash (lac)  (Kumkum tree)flowers, Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

Saraca asoca, the Sita Ashoka:

Unknown flower, Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

Tabebuia rosea, the Pink Poui:

T rosea 150311

Delonix regia, the Mayflower (Gulmohar):

gulmohar vs 150409

Carea arborea (I don’t know the common name):

carea arborea flower lalbagh 290309

Erythrina indica, the Indian Coral Tree:

coral tre flwr 130311 vs

Jacaranda mimosaefolia, the Jacaranda:

jcrnda 130311

Firmiana colorata, Coloured Sterculia (this is not a very common tree though)

Firmiana colourata (Coloured sterculea)

Plumeria species, Frangipani:

frngpni llbg 050311

Colvillea racemosa, Colville’s Glory:

colville's glory lalbagh 160910

Spathodea campanulata, the African Tulip:

african tulip 160910

Here’s a closer shot:


Dillenia indica,the Elephant Apple:

Flower of the Elephant Apple Tree (a variety of magnolia)

Peltophorum pterocarpum ,the Copper Pod or Copper Shield Bearer:

In this picture, the yellow flowers that carpet the ground have not yet appeared, but you can see why the tree gets its common name:

Copper Pod or Copper Shield Bearer

Here, the yellow flowers have appeared:

copper pod tree 200311

Brassaia actinophylla, the Umbrella (or Octopus) Tree:

octopus tree 200311

Check out my Nature Guru (S.Karthikeyan)’s list




Mark the majesty of the trees, which absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen into the air….

tree shrrm rdha 150311

Enjoy the serial flowering (flowering of different trees all through the year) that was made possible by the botanist,

Gustav Krumbiegel

Sometimes, just the emerging new leaves look as beautiful as flowers….

new lvs cbn pk 150311

See these leaves of a tree of the Terminalia species!

terminalia new lvs 130311

The best lists of all are Karthik’s,




After reading a poem…

March 16, 2011

Have the power to move me.
They are birds
That beat their wings
In my heart….
The song each bird sings
Can be a balm…or a dart
That may make me think…and improve me.

How can strokes on a paper sheet
Or on a lit-up screen
Sound so sad…or so sweet?
What part of my brain
Do they touch…
That they can cause so much joy, or pain?
Do they touch my mind, or my heart..
When they move me so much?
Or…do they touch somewhere in between?
Are poems a science? Or an art?