Chucklist of Birds that I’ve Spotted…


Here’s the list of birds that I’ve spotted…not in the field, but in various birding fora:

White Ebee
Bird-eater Flycatcher
Crested Shirt Pant Eagle
Boothed Eagle
Pale-build Flour Packer
Wholly Naked Stork
White-chicked Barbet
Sport-Build Duck
Grinnish Leaf Wobbler
Jerdon’s Bushlock
Red-bumped Swallow
Stork-killed Wingkisser
Grey Franklin
Short Toad Snack Eagle
Broad -assed Tailbird
Indian Curser
Brahminy Sterling
Whiter Less-fronted Ghoos
Egyptian Culture
Paddy filed Pippette
Great Indian Bastard
Eurasian Cola Dough
Jingle Foul
Malabar Grey Horrible
Open-bulled Stock
Tickled Blue Liecatcher
Jordan’s Baja
Pie-eyed Wagtail
Kneel Grease Plycatcher
Panted Bush Quill
Barn Howl
Sore-ass Crane
Loo-faced Malpoa
River Turn
Re-trumped Swello
Booted Hegull

And the last one, which I spotted on my mobile phone only today:

Paid Wagetale.

I must acknowledge my indebtedness to several people but predominantly to Shyamal, from whom I got this…

click here for the beards and the bearders

That list is 11 years old, so it needed updating…but the list of bearders hasn’t changed very much!

Apologies to those who are getting it more than once.

Cheers, Deepa.

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  1. deponti Says:

    Add Painted Stroke:

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