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Uncle and Niece….

May 16, 2009

A’s cousin P has come over to visit, and was thrilled to hold K:

pritam and kavya 150509

K, however, as can be patently seen, is NOT thrilled!

The weather….

May 16, 2009

The clouds built up the thunderheads today; it did remind me a lot of the monsoon; the gusting winds, the lightning, and the sudden coolness…..

thunderclouds building up 150509

The sun made a valiant gesture to shine through….

sunlight 150509

But then, the rain set in (naturally, when we were out shopping and had to get to the car with the purchases!)

rainy evening schnucks 150509

I guess the last thunderstorm and winds caused this:

crooked chimney 150509

Either that, or the moral of the story is, smoking makes you all crooked!

From the LJ of

May 15, 2009

What a pity that we squander our treasures and our good practices to the excitement of aping western ways…

Today I walked to the Farmers’ Market in the Loop,

farmers' market loop 010509

and walked back with my purchases; the fact that I had 3 bags (one backpack and two carries) attracted a fair number of curious looks. I realized that no one is used to carrying groceries or vegetables/fruits and walking around. Walking is an activity engaged in only for exercise. It is NOT a form of locomotion unless one is too poor to afford anything but public transport…

When KM and I told people that we walk from home to the St Louis Galleria (no.1 on the map), and back, we got a lot of “wow” reactions!,

Two birds that I saw in Forest Park

May 15, 2009

I was walking to see the Stingray exhibit in the St Louis Zoo, and on the way, I spotted the KILLDEER (what a funny name, that wiki says that’s what their call sounds like!):

120509 killdeer forest park

It was accompanied by another one, and they kept running fast, and then “couching” down on the wet grass like this:

forest park killdeer crouching in grass

The wiki says they lay their eggs in the grass, so I thought, when I saw the first one sitting that way, that it was on its eggs….but no, it wasn’t; they kept running and sitting alternatively. Wonder what this behaviour was.

Update: Here’s the short video that I took:

Then I saw this one, which both yathin and Dave Pierce of the St.Louis Audubon Society id’d as the EASTERN KINGBIRD :

eastern kingbird 200509

I do mean to walk a lot more in the park area and see what other birds I can sight, but it’s going to depend on the weather (very rainy lately), the sun (don’t want to walk in the hot sun, either!) and Eli’s demands…today she kept me all afternoon, glued to her side!

And since I have talked about her, here she is, with some very easy-to-follow instructions on her little dress:

140509 love me

And she’s saying, “give me five minutes more to sleep, because I am…..

too tired? 140509

to wake up immediately!”

St Louis Sunrise

May 14, 2009

It’s going to be raining the next few days, but this morning I was able to go for my walk, but the sun scudded through the clouds….

130509 sunrise

asakiyume shares my love of the sky and I learnt the phrase, “sky ocean” from her…

Stingrays in St Louis Zoo

May 14, 2009

I still manage to get news from the daily newspaper rather than the Internet, and from the St Louis Post-Dispatch that there would be a Stingray exhibit at the Zoo…and when I went there last week, it hadn’t yet opened….so yesterday, I looked it up on the net and the exhibit was on…and it was free for the first hour of the Zoo’s opening.

So I decided to combine the Zoo visit with my morning paper-buying and walk…..and when I reached the Zoo, I realized that though the Zoo allowed me to go inside, it would technically be open only at 9, and I had an hour, in which I wandered around, read the newspaper, and returned…to find that already, there was quite a queue!

Here’s the signboard about the Southern Stingray:

120509 southern stingray

The one about the Cownose Stingray:

cownose stingray 120509

more about the stingrays

Clear opinions….

May 13, 2009

Even when providing a service (in this case, selling cigarettes), one can make one’s opinion known…

cheapy smokes


120509 dirt cheap cig

…meanwhile, when this car-owner got his number plates, the second “c” was read as “h” by the number-plate assigner…

honda achord 120509

Or maybe the owner is a musician?

Morning walk…

May 13, 2009

I read in the newspaper (which I go out and buy every day) that for the first hour of the Zoo’s opening, the Stingray exhibit would be free (entry after 10 am is $3, which is not much, especially when compared to the $35 per-person ticket at San Diego Zoo ), I decided to combine it with my morning walk in Forest Park.

So I went as usual to the Wash U campus area, bought my newspapers, and went off to the Zoo, which said on the website that it would be open from 8 am….but when I reached there, I realized that would be only from May 22, so I had an hour to spare…so I sat down near the water body and got myself the only piping hot beverage there is in this country (which cannot be cooled down by adding cold milk!)…a big mug of hot chocolate, and sat down to peruse the news…

newspapers and hot chocolate st l zoo 120509

This duck (a female MALLARD, apparently) with the distinctive blue stripe was hanging around nearby…

female mallard st L zoo 120509

On the way to the Zoo, just past the St Louis Art Museum , I decided to photograph the Henry Moore sculpture that’s there:

henry moore sculpture fp 120509

I saw two new birds, and the Stingrays (visitors are allowed to TOUCH them…mamtanaidu, you would LOVE this!) , but am too sleepy to keep my eyes open, so that will be for the next post…meanwhile, I will post this picture of a PEACOCK with the most lush plumage I have ever seen, which was at Grant’s Farm when we visited there on 240409….

peacock grant's farm 240509

Life is pretty hectic, but am managing to keep up somehow….

The End…

May 11, 2009

Someone sent me a terse email, with just these few words: “we are NOT friends”. No background, no CLUE what happened so suddenly. No explanations, nothing….nothing…

It’s happened a few times with others in the past, but GOD it hurts. MUST not let it hurt…of course I can get over these things.

I must understand that MY being close to someone is not the same as THEIR being close to me. Imagine, I am still unable to learn this simple fact.

“dOst dOst nA rahA…pyAr pyAr nA rahA…zindagi, hamEin thErA aitbAr nA rahA….”

Well, there are friends and family around, and the wound may stop bleeding soon.


May 11, 2009

I do love the walks I take; Forest Park is a beautiful place, but I like walking around the neighbourhoods, too. This evening, to walk off the excessively heavy masala dosa and upma that we all had at the St Louis temple, I went for a long evening walk too….

I’ll start with the birds…

The HOUSE SPARROW is not well-regarded here; a board on the golf course seems quite unfriendly to me, in a country where the Statue of Liberty says all refugees are welcome….

anti starling sparrow board golf course 280409

But the sparrows seem to thrive, nevertheless; this male seems to have an “open and shut” kind of dwelling!

house sparrow st l 100509

More stuff from a couple of walks